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New album "Meian" released on february 3rd !

Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds

New album "Half Century Dub" released on february 3rd !

Jarring Effects Retrospective

Dub Invaders

New album "Mission Completed" and EP "'Dub Invaders Vol.3 Part.4" featuring OBF, Brainless, Subactive and Pilah (Dub Addict) released on november 11th !

Brain Damage

New album "Talk the Talk" and new DVD available !

Jarring Effects encourages musicians to be independent, produce the music themselves, be creative and to make music they enjoy rather than trying to make it commercially viable.

BANDS High Tone, D.Lights, Erotic Market, Al’tarba, Brain Damage, Vibronics, Cape Town Effects, nÄo, Virus Syndicate, EZ3kiel, Filastine, Scorn, R;zatz, Kaly Live Dub, Picore, Oddateee, Dub Addict, Hint, Uzul, L’Oeuf Raide, Meï Teï Sho, Reverse Engineering, Von Magnet…



Half Century Dub




Mission Completed

Dub Invaders

24.03.2017Brain Damage @ Victoire 2 Montpellier, FR
31.03.2017Brain Damage @ Vk* Bruxelles, BE
01.04.2017Brain Damage @ Le Silex Auxerre, FR
13.04.2017Vibronics @ Cross Club Prague, CZE
15.04.2017Brain Damage @ Reperkusound, Double Mixte Lyon, FR
16.04.2017Vibronics @ IDG Festival Barcelona, ES
22.04.2017Filastine @ Sala Apolo Barcelona, SP
29.04.2017Filastine @ Macao Milan, IT
30.04.2017Filastine @ Tunis, TUN
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