High Tone VS Dub Invaders

High Tone is back in Chine. The band will start a 1 week long residency project in the Morning House, Chengdu, for their next album !

Brain Damage

Talk the Talk Tour 2017 : Brain Damage live @ Las Bovedas (Colombia) !

Jazz : portrait of a forgotten soul of Detroit

New Arno Bitschy's documentary, produced by Jarring Effects !


New album "Drapetomania" released on april 28th !


New album "Meian" out now !

Jarring Effects encourages musicians to be independent, produce the music themselves, be creative and to make music they enjoy rather than trying to make it commercially viable.

BANDS High Tone, D.Lights, Erotic Market, Al’tarba, Brain Damage, Vibronics, Cape Town Effects, nÄo, Virus Syndicate, EZ3kiel, Filastine, Scorn, R;zatz, Kaly Live Dub, Picore, Oddateee, Dub Addict, Hint, Uzul, L’Oeuf Raide, Meï Teï Sho, Reverse Engineering, Von Magnet…

Midnight Ravers @ MIL (Lisbon) the 1 June !

Midnight Ravers will perform at the MIL – Lisbon International Music Network, the 1 June ! In DJ set formula and with the incredible malian singer Fatim Kouyaté, the band will certainly set fire to the dancefloor with its new mixtape « Kuma Soudz #1 » !

lire plus

High Tone in China !

4 dates for High Tone who’s coming back to China ! The crew will also work on its new album during a one week residency at the Morning House (Chengdu) !

lire plus



Half Century Dub




Mission Completed

Dub Invaders

30.06.2017Brain Damage @ Festival Les Courants Amboise (37), FR
01.07.2017Brain Damage @ Festival Les Aiguilleurs Sèvres (92), FR
07.07.2017Filastine @ St Petersburg, RU
08.07.2017Brain Damage @ Genestival Genelard (71), FR
08.07.2017Filastine @ Bol Festival Moscow, RU
14.07.2017Brain Damage @ Nuits de Fourvière Lyon, FR
15.07.2017Brain Damage @ Duck A Dub Festival Pavie, FR
22.07.2017Brain Damage @ Festival de Néoules Néoules, FR
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