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Eustache McQueer

New EP "Unplugged"

Fleury & Nicolas Repac

New album "Fleury"

Alain Damasio & Yan Péchin

First album "Entrer dans la couleur"

Brain Damage

New album "Combat Dub 4 - Revisited"

High Tone

New album "Time Has Come"

E.M.I.L (European Music Industry Lectures)

We are proud to annonce that our training center is the very first Ableton-certified training center in the Rhône­-Alpes region ! Take a look to our trainings !

Jarring Effects is a French independent musical label based in Lyon, FR.

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Jarring Effects encourages musicians to be independent, produce the music themselves, be creative and to make music they enjoy rather than trying to make it commercially viable.

BANDS High Tone, D.Lights, Erotic Market, Al’tarba, Brain Damage, Vibronics, Cape Town Effects, nÄo, Virus Syndicate, EZ3kiel, Filastine, Scorn, R;zatz, Kaly Live Dub, Picore, Oddateee, Dub Addict, Hint, Uzul, L’Oeuf Raide, Meï Teï Sho, Reverse Engineering, Von Magnet…

AZIZAA MYSTIK: New Album Vodua

Listen or order VODUA AZIZAA MYSTIK: Vodua Azizaa is not just a unique artist, her well crafted soul brewed music allows you to explore her Culture, mind and soul. International artist Azizaa’s music is a soulful blend of various genres. Her unique style of music puts...

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NOLA IS CALLING : World Wide Effects Vol.3 !

Since 5 years, Jarring Effects continue an international adventure nonstandard, in 3 parts. Musical project based on a production of  creation between local artists and French, a documentary portrait and at the end French tour. The name of this...

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Eustache McQueer

Lake Pearl

Eustache McQueer

Entrer dans la couleur

Alain Damasio & Yan Péchin

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Concerts Passés

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