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The last february 17, Dub Invaders was playing in Lyon for the 12th Dub Echo edition. Pull-Up Mag has shooted a video-report for the venue, to broadcast these moments with the full crew and the guests : Omar Perry, Shanti D and Sir Jean.

These three videos by Pull-Up Mag can be watched on YouTube :

Dub Invaders feat Omar Perry :

Dub Invaders feat Sir Jean & Shanti D :

Last tune with Sir Jean :




Dub Invaders just released a ‘DUB BOX’, special box grouping the four vinyls « Dub Invaders Vol.3 », a triple anthological CD « Mission Completed », and many goodies. Box available to order on BandCamp or directly at Jarring Effects (13, rue René Leynaud, 69001 LYON).

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