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Filastine’s new album is out now !

Awesome and delicate… hybrids so fluent the defy classification ” PITCHFORK

Fusing contemporary electronic beats with concrete sounds, voices, percussion, and acoustic strings, Filastine & Nova are a multimedia duo who works to open up the borders. Beyond music, Filastine uses video, design, and now dance, as forms of universal language to communicate their vision. Drapetomania is the first album of the duo since 2010, the year of their meeting in Indonesia, the birth country of Nova.
In this 4th album, Filastine denouncing alienation through work, the non respect of the human being and this constant escape of people. Musically speaking, « Drapetomania » give a bold synthesis by mixing psychedelic music, tropical post folk and punk spirit!

The album is available on CD1D.
You can also listen and download it on the different plateforms

Finally, the band will unveil its new songs may 11th at the Batofar (Paris): link to the event

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