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« Jazz, portrait of a forgotten soul of Detroit » new Jarring Effects’ documentary, realised by Arno Bitschy, is now available on Okast !

In an America more divided than ever, Detroit, a ghostly city, offers the dark side of the American dream.

In one of the many abandoned houses lives an old woman, Jazz. She sings of old Billie Holiday tracks, sad love stories, fallen destinies, heartbreaking passions. On her porch she watches the passing time, far from the chaos that shakes her country. Her rite is immutable, every Thursday she sings with her friends in a Jazz club, her broken voice shine.

After Resilience and the portrait of the Detroit people’s fight for their city, Jarring Effects presents one of his wandering souls, Jazz aka DJ Holiday. A forgotten destiny that deserved to be brought to light.

Go watch it : Okast

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