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High Tone "Remixed - Dub to Dub"
High Tone

This year, High tone celebrates its 20th birthday ! For his birthday, the crew opened his repertoire to 12 artists of the new Dub Generation : Adi Shankara – Alpha Steppa – Dub Engine – Full Dub – Jacin – Mahom dub – Mayd Hubb – Ondubground – Panda Dub – Radikal Guru – Rakoon – Tetra Hydro K
With the participation of Martin Campbel, Pupajim and Shanti D ! The result High Tone – Dub to Dub offers 12 tracks of the band in Dub Remix version ! The compilation will be released for free download on the net label ODGProd on November 7, 2017.

After three long years of absence, French dub bosses are back on stage for the Telerama Dub Festival. The band prepare us an exclusive live, a special creation with guests of the brand at the microphone. So to accompany the crew on stage nothing less than Lady Chann, Shanti D, and Omar Perry ! Rendez-vous is taken for the 25th November at the Docks de Paris for the Telerama Dub Festival # 15.

Essential players on the European underground scene, High Tone has progressively created its own unique musical identity by staying close to their roots and to their core audience. Remaining open to many collaborations, they have built their own universe around the very concept of Dub music in its vast complexity. Initially labeled « ethno-dub », High Tone’s influences and sound evolved, in diverse ways – using Dubstep elements before the term was even created for instance – and they quickly became one of the main players in the Bass Music scene, a movement reuniting various schools of sound such as drum&bass, dub, glitch hop and other adventurous soundscapes that High Tone was never afraid to explore and dissect.

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