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Azizaa "Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy"

Ghanaian singer Azizaa unveils today her new video on Konbini ! Adze Kolo – Voodoo Pussy is extract from his new album Vodua, which will be released early 2018 by Jarring Effects !

An atypical artist, Azizaa calls her unique blend of music « Voodoo Music »: a bridge that brings together the old and the new, the ancestral and the modern, the past and the present, the present and the future. On stage, her performances are imbued with mysticism and excitement, her strange body movements are intended to heal the body and reconnect to the soul.

Her clip, directed by Wanlov « The Kubolor » Cini, is an ode to the voodoo religion and the omnipotence of women Ewe, this people of West Africa living mainly in the Southeast of Ghana and southern Togo, partly attributed to the origin of the voodoo religion. This title speaks of the power of voodoo among the Ewe, and the fact that the mothers of the surrounding tribes warn their sons against women ewe. Men tend to put their lives aside once in the face of an ewé woman.

Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy is an excerpt from his album, which will appear at the beginning of 2018, and which will try to open to the public more the doors of voodoo cults practiced in West Africa. « The word ‘Vodua’ means divinity. In West African spirituality, everyone has a voodoo spirit that guides us in life, especially in the most difficult moments » says Azizaa.

Watch Azizaa’s video :

Azizaa "Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy"
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