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Erzatz, a multiform project mixing folk sounds, abstracts, hip-hop and electro, is coming back with a new video extracted from his third album « Meian« , published at the beginning of the year by Jarring Effects, and it’s exclusive on Longueur d’Ondes ! This movie, extended version of clip Don’t make me hide , brings together several titles of the album.

Last February the band released its third album « Meian« , multiform project metamorphosing each opus. This last album, which means clear obscure in Japanese, was accompanied by 5 video clips illustrating the album and the themes which appear there: the search of identity, homesickness, agoraphobia …
The band returns with an « extended » version bringing together several titles of the album and images extracted from the previous videos, as well as unpublished images. This new video brings additional keys of understanding to a dense and demanding opus, like a new stone brought to a consequent building.

Moving form, the band is on this last album composed of Takeshi Yoshimura , Japanese guitarist, composer and singer, and Céline Frezza , always producer and sound engineer, and also a singer. They called on Aku Fen (High Tone), a kindly outside ear, to arrange and produce. Like a closing loop. Aku Fen is indeed the one who gave the taste and the bases of the production to Céline, and if it needed to make its weapons, only it is to better return to its « mentor » once its tested autonomy. The rapper M.Sayyid , (Anti pop consortium and Air born audio) adds the hip hop note, red thread of the Erzatz discography.

Watch «  Meian  » video exclusively on Longueur d’Ondes !

Erzatz - Meian
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