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Brain Damage Harison Stafford Live 2018
Brain Damage Harison Stafford Live 2018

Within the wake of their album’s release « Liberation Time », Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford (from Groundation) are back on the road together again this spring: the first shows of 2018 were just announced, the first ones will be in April! Among other nice concert venues they will be playing at “Le Printemps de Bourges”’s festival on the 26th of April.

To gain some grasp of the genesis of this new project, that may seem surprising at first, let’s address what both artists have in common, rather that what differentiates them. Internationally recognized masters in the styles, respectively reggae & dub, that they are developing in parallel for almost 20 years, without never really meeting each other, the two protagonists strive to challenge their codes in an ever greater respect to their Jamaican roots: two decades furthering a relentless fight against musical orthodoxy, to the benefit of interbreedings that have always been major contributions to music — and arts in general — History. This is evidenced by jazz and Jamaican traditional music fusion in the case of Harrison Stafford, and notably with his amazing adventure with Groundation, as well as by Martin Nathan countless experimentations, over Brain Damage prolific discography, always digging in more unlikely and audacious directions.

From this unexpected collaboration will stem « Liberation Time » album, an LP that will delight many fans of the two artists’ works, all what builds their respective uniqueness being there so well intricated. Harrison Stafford unique voice supports, in a most elegant way, the delivery of a uniting message focused on self-empowerment through music and his universalist vision of Rastafarian faith. Brain Damage writing and production, on the other hand, appear always more subtle and personal, intellectualized yet visceral. Solid compositions, hit melodies and classy dub effects are among assets that will undoubtedly confirm « Liberation Time » as one of the most accomplished collaboration project of this year.



11/04 – SMAC 07 – Annonay
12/04 – Le Forum de Vauréal – Vauréal
13/04 – FGO-Barbara – Paris
14/04 – Les Insolents– Lorient
15/04 – Les Cuizines – Chelles
17/04 – Bucéphale – Draguignan
18/04 – Le Transbordeur – Lyon
19/04 – Ebullition – Bulle
20/04 – Le Moulin – Brainans
21/04 – Festival Renk’Arts – Ancenis
22/04 – La Grange à Musique – Creil
25/04 – Le Gueulard Plus – Nilvance
26/04 – Le Printemps de Bourges – Bourges
27/04 – Le Tangram – Evreux

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