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Call and Response Arno Bitschy Trailer
Jarring Effects Music label Producer Call and Response

We are very pleased to release the exclusive official trailer of the Jarring Effects music label and Arno Bitschy’s new documentary, scheduled for this autumn: “Call and response“! For the third volume of the “World Wide Effects”’s project Jarring Effects, Céline Frezza and Arno Bitschy are back in the US and this time they’ve put down their luggage in New-Orleans: NOLA!

For 5 years now we have been on an exceptional threefold adventure. A musical project based on production, creation between local and French artists, a documentary portrait, an authentic unbiased perspective of a city from within, through the eyes of artists, but not only. At the end of the project, a tour in France, a film projection, and meetings…This collection of documentaries and albums, named « World Wide Effects », has begun in a South-African’s harbor at Cape of Good Hope, in 2013 (Cape Town effects) and then sailed to Detroit in 2015 (D.Lights). Therefore it was logic to make a new stop in New-Orleans « NOLA », on the other side of the American dream.

Cheerful, cheeky, hyperactive, the New-Orleans is a town of fantasy and excess. A city which believes in voodoo and worships the dead. A town where the livings are still fighting despite the disasters and the slowness of a state which gave up on them. One of the rare cities where the Past, the Culture and especially Music are the only pillars that holds everything. A post-colonial town very attaching, that doesn’t look like any other in the country. So it seemed somehow necessary to settle down in this cheeky and shameless town that never sleeps for the Volume III.

There you go :


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