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Brain Damage meets Harrison Stafford
Brain Damage meets Harrison Stafford

Brain Damage was playing live at the Studio 105 to introduce his new album Liberation Time at the France Musique’s radio show Ocora Couleurs du Monde by Françoise Degeorges.

Furthermore, in case you weren’t aware of it yet Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford (from the band Groundation) will be back on stage in France next April for the Liberation Time tour.

The album Liberation Time was born from the encounter of Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford; it will revive all the fans of the artists’ works since all the respective artistic features of these two musicians are fairly represented in it. The unique voice of Harrison Stafford here is conveying the idea of self-emancipation through Music and also his universal view on the Rastafarian faith in an elegant way. As for the writing and the production work of Brain Damage, it seems his music becomes ever more sophisticated and more personal, intellectualized but still very deep.

To listen to the show or replay it:

11/04 – SMAC 07 – Annonay
12/04 – Le Forum de Vauréal – Vauréal
13/04 – FGO-Barbara – Paris
14/04 – Les Insolents– Lorient
15/04 – Les Cuizines – Chelles
17/04 – Bucéphale – Draguignan
18/04 – Le Transbordeur – Lyon
19/04 – Ebullition – Bulle
20/04 – Le Moulin – Brainans
21/04 – Festival Renk’Arts – Ancenis
22/04 – La Grange à Musique – Creil
25/04 – Le Gueulard Plus – Nilvance
26/04 – Le Printemps de Bourges – Bourges
27/04 – Le Tangram – Evreux

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