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La Dame Blanche album artwork
La Dame Blanche new album

La Dame Blanche reveals her new album « Bajo El Mismo Cielo » today.
An album of connections, an explosive mix of cumbia, hip-hop and latin beats !

Before releasing this album to the world, Yaite (aka La Dame Blanche) sheds light on the path she pursues : « With Marc Damblé, aka Babylotion, my producer, we continue to explore these universes that always intrigue us so much ». Yaite, however, stays on course, for this third opus : less flute, more hip hop. La Dame Blanche explains : « I find there a freedom, which I don’t meet in any other style »

Freedom doesn’t stops her from working and from the fierce desire to improve her flow. Yaite says : « I find as and when how to place my voice on an interesting rhythm, to find my own vocal style. During my tours, I met MCs that I love, like Rincon Sapiência in Brazil. Their flows inspire me !» And words take rhythm in her body.

« At first, you write a simple poetry. Then naturally, very organically, the text begins to dance, to deliver its rhythmic through your mouth, your body … »

Organically, naturally : the freedom that hip hop brings her also delivers her soul. In her lyrics, she sings the story of her mom’s neighbor and her tragic fate (Ave Maria), describes people with personality disorders (Dos Caras), or a woman with an exhausted body (No da para na ‘ ) …But above all, for the first time, she speaks about herself. « Before, I wrote about my ancestors, my neighbors, my friends. Today, in this personal record, I tell more about myself », she says. Yaite also admits she has « lowered the guard » and wanted to offer a less « aggressive » record.

This quest for intimacy may be explained by the tight team around this musical creation. If the previous record called for plenty of producers, « Bajo El Mismo Cielo » was made in a limited clan, around the duo Yaite-Babylotion.

If the album turns out more coherent in terms of sound, it is also adorned with different colors, with rich featurings. (Nelson Palacios, Rincon Sapiência, Philippe Cohen-Solal, Manteiga, Aero Manyelo)

« I love featurings : the interpretation of my songs by other people, and these moments of conviviality, meeting around my music »

Bajo El Mismo Cielo imposes itself as a big party where humans are welcome, but also spirits, as Yaite says : « I will never detach myself from them. In each song, a sentence comes from my divinatory cards. The character of La Dame Blanche doesn’t let me go either: I do everything to keep her with me ». She concludes : « For me, it’s a record filled with hope : freed from aggression, but fed with strength, energy and power. »

This new opus is available now !

Follow La Dame Blanche on her tour in France and elsewhere :

05/25 – Montreuil (FR) – La Marbrerie / Album Release Party
05/26 – Sannois (FR) – EMB
06/01 – Bergen (NO) – Nattjazz Festival
06/02 – Evreux (FR) – Fête de la Fraternité
06/05 –  Cannes (FR) – Festival Midem
06/09 – Kervignac (FR) – Festival Les Pieds dans la Vase
06/14 –  Amsterdam (NL)
06/16 – Saint-Pabu (FR) – Festival Ribamboules
06/17 –  Saint Denis (FR)
06/21 – Evian-les-Bains (FR) – Fête de la Musique
06/22 – Comines (BE) – Festival J’Veux du Soleil
06/23 – Pau (FR) – Latin Pau Festiv’Arts
06/29 – Audincourt (FR) – Festival Rencontres et Racines
07/06 – Valencia (ES) – Vivers La Feria
07/08 – Saint Peray (FR) – Crussol Festival
07/22 – Edmonton (CA) – Interstellar Rodeo Festival
07/26 – Laguépie (FR) – Lez’Art Festival
07/27 – Malmesbury (UK) – WOMAD Festival
07/28 – Isla San Simon (ES)
07/29 – Isla San Simon (ES)
08/09 – Gaspé (CA) – Festival Musique du Bout du Monde
08/11 – Sherbrooke (CA) – Festival des traditions du monde
08/15 – Moncton (CA) – Festival Acadie Rock
09/15 – Madison (USA) – Madison World Music Festival
09/18 – Des Moines (USA) – Festival Acadie Rock
09/20 – Chicago (USA) – Chicago World Music Festival
09/21 – Chicago (USA) – Chicago World Music Festival
09/22 – Albuquerque (USA) – Globalquerque Festival
09/28 – Biarritz (FR) – Festival Biarritz Amérique Latine
10/05 – Istres (FR) – L’Usine


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