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Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN unveil the Ngaminke clip! Shot by director Flore Onissah, Ngaminke is the story of a quest, the tale of a return to basics, both literally and figuratively.

Water purifying and regenerating source, connects humanity to the world. Here, it symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Ngaminke tells the story of the source of Mbamou, a village destroyed as a result of war, located on an island thirty kilometers from Brazzaville. This spring, discovered by the mother of Gladys Samba‘s mother-in-law, needs water to be drunk. Between traditional Bantu sounds and a grim and hip-hop atmosphere, the leader of Les Mamans du Congo reconnects with this mystical source.

Listen to the album Les Mamans du Congo et RROBIN here

“During the war, entire villages were destroyed and the Mama Lemba spring disappeared. I asked the ancestors and the spirits to help me find my way back to this source. «  The clip also celebrates the soul of ancestors, the way of wisdom, symbolized by smoke.It features the Mami Watta, these bewitching sirens who bewitch men with their song, these mothers of the waters, half-terrestrial, half-terrestrial. aquatic, which symbolize the nourishing sea and the destructive ocean. Ngaminke reminds each African woman, in addition to the strength of memory and transmission, the matriarchal power that she has within her, a power that she derives from her ancestors, and that she can summon at any time to face the trials of life and bring peace and blessing to loved ones.

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