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After the success of the first edition of our Artem Effects project which took place last month in Saint Raphael, we decided, together with our partner Artem 83, to give the cover to propose Artem Effects #2. During the week of March 22-28, we welcomed the artists Awori and Twani for an artistic residency on the occasion of the release of their first joint album Ranavalona released by Galant Records. We’ll tell you more about this second edition.

Awori Twani Artem Effects

In partnership with Artem83, an emblematic cultural player of the Southern region, we created Artem Effects. Supported by the city of Saint Raphaël through a convention the project aims to promote Saint Raphaël by offering cultural activities and events. In 2021, we set up a two-month artist residency for a working time dedicated to the development of live shows combining music and visual arts in collaboration with various places in the city. A concert will close each exit from residence. If possible, they will be open to the public. These concerts will be captured and broadcast, in streaming and via local TV and radio channels. In addition, as soon as the situation permits, we will offer other concerts in the region.

During each residency, there will be a conference on issues specific to contemporary music and art, as well as screenings of documentaries dedicated to the arts, such as our World Wide Effects series and training courses on mixing, at DJing, at beatmaking with our training center E.M.I.L

To top it all off in 2022 we will organize a carbon-free festival in partnership with Mobilvolts (photovoltaic energy specialist), Lu Sound (sound engineer) and MDE (Music Declares Emergency). The objective is to build on renewable resources, solar energy, waste recovery, zero plastics and carbon offset.

The second edition

Awori Twani Artem Effects

On the occasion of the release at Galant Records of the album Ranavalona by Awori and Twani, the two artists were the guests of this second edition for an artistic residency to refine their live performance. As for last month’s edition, an end-of-residency concert took place at the Félix Martin Hall as well as an outdoor live recording.

Saturday morning, with our  training center EMIL, the beatmaker Twani also led a beatmaking training for young Raphaëlois at the Georges Ginesta cultural center. The afternoon we went to the Museum of Archaeology and more precisely its crypt or Yoann & Zoé Lamarche of Mobilvolts, Bernard Pourrat of Lu Sound and Monsieur Mo of the label JFX presented the continuation of the conference « how to decarbonize a festival? ». To end the week, the live recording took place in the different spaces of the museum (at the top of the tower and in the bucolic garden ). The live was entirely powered by the solar generator of our partner Mobilvolts.

You will soon be able to find images of the concert at the end of the residency, the acoustic sessions in the church and in the garden, the second conference on « how to decarbonize a festival » (in the form of a series of interviews) and the open-air evening live.

Learn more about Artem Effects #1

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