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Azian Z


Right from the beginning, the story of Azian Z is the story of one man. His name is Takeshi Yoshimura, and he comes from the land of the rising sun, after having crossed some deserts with his guitar on his shoulders. In his suitcase, he carried a beatbox, and a fresh and innovative musical concept : Porn Pop !

This is all about a glorious musical style, mixing electronica to stinging rock and new-wave-disco-pop, supporting genius dirty lyrics. A serious knowledge of Kama-Sutra, as well as a receptivity to Japanese humour (not only first degree) are required.

In the glamorous city of Lyon, our Porno Pop Star (that’s what he’s all about) met some other talented Japanese expatriates, following the same way of thinking (things happen !). They decide to create Azian Z after the year 2000’s bug, in order to relax occidental masses who hardly knew about Porn Pop in those days… After some legendary gigs in the region (Pez Ner, Ninkasi, Jonkafe, Transbordeur…), the band released a first EP, “Porno Star”(Perrave Productions) in fall 2002, which was followed up by an “out of bounds” national tour.

Ruling their live set with the indisputable logic of “Today your Love, Tomorrow the World”, Azian Z stands out for the pleasure of ears and eyes ! Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, while the trio – Takeshi (singing, guitars, sunglasses and suspect poses), Koji (bass, singing, swallow dive and smile stuck on chops) and Rumi (keyboards, choir, machines and enchantment) – conscientiously hammers its electro pop, even making disabled people dance, the “Come On Girls!”, led by Ko Chan (ballet captain, choir and secondarily Kung Fu) are wearing “sailor fuku” (sailor costume, uniform of Japanese pupils) and carry on subtle and allegedly modest choreographies, to turn the band’s performance into real 21st century shows ! Add to this video projections beyond belief, constantly referring to Asian cinema and translating the songs lyrics in French, but also offering some crazy giant Karaoke moments, and you may understand the overwhelming enthusiasm linking Azian Z to their audience.

Azian Z then reached a higher step by joining Jarring Effects, and releasing in 2007 his long awaited first album “Za Gaijin”, recorded, mixed and mastered at the Supadope Factory (famous Le Peuple de l’Herbe studio), obviously Porn pop flavoured, and most suggestively dirty !

Za Gaijin

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