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«Following their exciting adventure with side project The John Venture – unlikely encounter between Angil’s postmodern folk and BROADWAY’s hybrid electronica – concretised by an eponym album (released October 2006) acclaimed by the press (Inrockuptibles, France Inter, Arte, Magic, etc.) and a tour of about 30 shows (France, Switzerland and Italy with Sole, El-P, Emilie Simon, etc.), the Saint-Etienne based quartet BROADWAY has come back to the studio to deliver their second album «Enter The Automaton».

Sequel to the very atmospherical «06:06am» released in June 2005, «Enter The Automaton» is a definite turning point for BROADWAY. Up untill then they could be seen as a band flirting with Boards of Canada’s electronica, with the melodies kept in the background… a vision of pop through the prism of My Bloody Valentine in some ways…

When entering their automaton, you can (re)discover a band in the real sense of the word, where machines give more space to vocals, piano, guitars or doublebass. This album could by the way find a place in the Anticon catalogue with clear
influences by bands like The Velvet Underground, Radiohead or Sigur Ròs. Its universe alternates between an intimist and melancholic side («Automatons», «Letters in Hearts») and a more frontal and energetic aspect («Stop Motion», «High Treason»).
As for the video creations they also naturally follow the musicians’ evolution, namely with the use of colors and a more rhythmical editing, thus immersing the spectator into a whole range of sensations, from euphoria to melancholy…

Faithful to the cinematic universe developped on «06:06am» while giving a larger place to their pop influences (acoustic instruments, vocals), the members of BROADWAY invite you to a new odyssey through unexplored lands.
Let’s bet that just like The John Venture this journey won’t leave you unmoved…».

Enter the automaton

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