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Brain Damage


With the realization of 14 albums and more than 700 concerts, Martin Nathan has multiplied for 20 years the most adventurous and diverse artistic proposals, under the name of Brain Damage.

Considered one of the founders of the dub scene in France, in 1999 he created one of the first live machines of the genre, influencing a whole generation of artists, claiming his heritage. His visionary side led him from the early 2000s to collaborate with some masters of the genre on the British scene (Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, The Disciples), and to go to London for a memorable session at the Conscious Sound studio in company of MC Tena Stelin. This model of collaboration between French producer and British singer will then become a necessary step for many actors on the scene, until today.

But the artist is definitely not one of those who relies forever on the models he himself founded on the dawn of his long career. In 2006, he joined the Jarring Effects label for a trilogy of experimental opuses. In 2011, he produced with the group High Tone, the High Damage project, in the form of a climax at the height of the historic « french dub touch » scene. Now evolving within a clearly rejuvenated environment, a year later he brought together the so-called “sound system” and “live” cultures, unfortunately all too often opposed, with the masterful production of the unifying album “Empire soldiers”, in company of the British Steve Vibronics, another essential pioneer of the genre.

The real master strokes are still to come, however. In 2015, it was in Kingston that he made most of the “Talk the talk / Walk the walk” project, in the company of Jamaican icons such as Horace Andy, Willi Williams, Winston Mc Anuff, Kiddus I and Ras Michael. , For a historic, vibrant and completely new tribute to the creators of his favorite style. In 2017, the producer turned to the United States, for an extraordinary collaboration with Harrison Stafford, charismatic leader of the legendary group Groundation, once again in a desire to decompartmentalize, establishing a strong connection with the reggae scene this time – this contemporary and one of its most internationally recognized representatives. Finally, a year later, he went to Colombia to produce Ya No Mas, one of his most unexpected albums, with unstoppable charm, entirely in the Spanish language, allowing him to free himself from certain omnipresent Anglo-Saxon models. , including in his own discography. In 2019, on the occasion of his 20-year career, Martin Nathan opens his entire catalog to remix. He then made an astounding cast and presented Combat Dub 4 – Revisited: a compendium of the abundant discography of Brain Damage revisited by 4 of the most influential producers of their generation. In 2021, Brain Damage takes over Jamaica and presents their album Beyond the Blue with the legendary Big Youth!

In France, due to its liabilities and its ability to renew itself, Brain Damage now appears as a link between the scene that it has helped to create, and the new leaders of a rejuvenated, more synthetic and frontal dub. It is more than rare to see an artist celebrate his 20-year career with such vitality, inventiveness, without feeling the need to look unnecessarily on his own past. On the contrary, it seems increasingly clear that it does not exclude any risk-taking, always going against the grain, more than ever pioneering and paradoxically unifying. This is a trademark here, a secret of longevity!

How do you sleep?
Burn Babylon Burn
Spoken dub manifesto vol.1
Short cuts
Short Cuts Live
Burning Before Sunset
High Damage
Brain Damage Dub Session Meets Sir Jean
What You Gonna Do?
Empire Soldiers
Empire Soldiers Live
Walk the Walk
FX100, a Hundred Effects
Walk the Walk 7″
Talk the Talk
Liberation Time
¡Ya no más!
Combat Dub 4 – Revisited
Beyond the Blue

31.03.2017 @ Vk* Bruxelles, BE
11.04.2018 @ Smac 07 ANNONAY, FR

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