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Fleury & Nicolas Repac



It all started between the high walls of the Fleury Mérogis’ prison when Romain Lefrançois aka SOLLEX, a committed Singer & Songwriter and Nëggus, a Rap & Slam artist, set out to organize writing workshops. The goal: to impulse a dozen French speaking prisoners of all origins by creating personal texts and with the purpose to set it into music.

The group is composed by Bandéé, The Notche, Bogota, Noxbé, Dayssou, Attilah, San-Go Jack, Azding, ABD and Saï-Saï.

Nicolas Repac

Questioned by the dimensions at the same time, human, social, political and artistic of the project, the composer Nicolas Repac agreed to be the musical architect of this collective choir. Known in particular for his long-term collaboration with Arthur H, he has a unique talent for singing and grooving machines. With a sound staging designed and manufactured in this context like no other, by these artists like no other…

After four months of hard work, then came the time for Nicolas Repac to work towards this raw textual material. Not only to give it relief, coherence and musical form but to reveal all secrets and hidden or unconscious beauties… Nourished with Hip Hop music since his childhood but also at the crossroad of a wide variety of music styles (from French song to Jazz through Blues, Electronic music and various African Traditions) Repac grabbed those voices with the empathy he is known for, to highlight the qualities and originality of their stories as well as the power and richness of their imaginary lines and escapes. He did it in the manner of his album “Black Box” by developing some sorts of “sound boards” from vocals of African American prisoners collected by Alan Lomax in the fifties and sixties.


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