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Dub Addict


Formed in 2002, Dub Addict Sound System is a collective from Lyon gathering Pilah, Kaly Live Dub’s guitarist and much inspired composer, Boudou, sound engineer at the « Only One Studio » in Lyon, Roots Massacre, producer, 19 dub, selecta, and Joe Pilgrim, singer. Perfectly armed with their own Sound System, loud amps and speakers inspired by legendary ones like those of Jah Shaka or Aba Shanti, these happy dubbers display the finest dub from the sixties ‘til nowadays with a power of 8Kw, along with their own productions, which are undoubtedly among the most stirring in France at the moment. A piece of evidence is located in the following lines.

Dub Addict presents : “N : Pilah meets Joe Pilgrim” 12” EP

The fourth and penultimate EP of the S.O.U.N.D. series, initiated by the Dub Addict crew, is finally available. It offers two new Pilah’s compositions : “Crazy Democracy” (and its dub version), highly representative of his both roots and modern dub; and “Dub Card”, made in a more digital style. Joe Pilgrim’s melodically inspired voice (already featured in the “U” EP with Roots Massacre) tremendously leads these tracks, supported by meticulous and unique arrangements, getting free of the traditional dub scene.

N (Pilah meets Joe Pilgrim)
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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