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The first step forward goes back to 1999, when Joan Guillon (machines and keyboards), Yann N’Guema (bass and graphics creations) and Matthieu Fays (drums) delivered a first exciting and promising 6 titles record named « Equalize-it ». The same year, the creation of their own web-site by Yann provided indications about their artistic will to look further into the visual aspect of their music.

In year 2001, with the LP « Handle with care » (Jarring Effects/Pias) the idea is here ! The sophistication of the compositions, the features of Yann Tiersen, Sylvestre from Dit Terzi and Sir Jean from Meï teï Sho are thrilling the audience. This record confirms the eclecticism and the very personal style of the band. On stage, EZ3kiel is designing a poetic and invaluable universe with exquisite pictures and graphics, not to mention the sonic deflagration.

In year 2003, they come back with « Barb4ry » (Jarring Effects/Pias). Much more refined and mature, this 2nd LP affirms the singular identity of the band, made of mixtures, anachronisms, musical experiments. Bringing their research into hip-hop, dub and electro musics, EZ3kiel creates a dimension where the beauty and the melancholy are easily hustled with violence and cruelty.

In 2004, the “Versus tour”, where the wood and the strings met the electro sound, is on the French road for 20 shows .This project, created with the Flemish band DAAU, has been recorded for a DVD and a live album available in France since January 2005. The mixture between the classical DAAU (violin, cello, accordion and clarinet) and EZ3kiel’s powerful sound and visual experience is genuinely stunning, and lifted higher by excellent featured artists.

In 2007, EZ3kiel released their new project called “Naphtaline”. The band goes forward in this approach by surprisingly adding a new dimension to its world : interactivity! The result is a brilliant outsider in the music business: a boxset containing a DVD-Rom and a AudioCD (its soundtrack), constituting a true front door to the band’s universe. The DVD-Rom especially features an interactive journey that sticks to the trio’s imaginary, including animated visuals, videos, and soundscapes entirely created by EZ3kiel’s bassist. Like a video game character, just stroll around in a maze of paintings and music wonders, and discover hints and hidden animations put here and there.

Since “Naphtaline”, Ez3kiel delivered “Battlefields” (2009) and a split live album called “Collision Tour” with Hint.

Equalize It
Handle with care
How do you sleep?
Burn Babylon Burn
Versus Tour
Collision tour
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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