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Filastine is the duo of composer/director Grey Filastine and vocalist/designer Nova Ruth. Before starting Filastine in 2006, Grey was part of the insurrectionary marching band Infernal Noise Brigade. He spent much of his life recording soundscapes & studying rhythm across the world. One of those travels brought him to Indonesia in 2010, where he met Nova Ruth rhyming in the hip-hop group Twin Sista. Since then Nova has added her rich musical roots to Filastine’s sound; she grew up singing pentecostal spirituals, koranic recitations in the mosque, and playing Javanese gamelan.

Beyond music, Filastine uses video, design, and now dance, as forms of universal language to communicate their vision. Last year Filastine debuted 4RRAY, a live AV system that uses bespoke software to control multi-screen projections in a powerful, cinematic, performance.

This 4th album will be released in spring 2017 and will gather 10 tracks including the 4 Abandon Singles. Filastine’s compositions fuse contemporary electronic beats with concrete sounds, voices, percussion, and acoustic strings. This is future bass music from a future where the globe has been flipped, the sonic territories remixed, and syncopated mid-eastern rhythms and Asian melodies shape a new urban sound.

Filastine 4th album is titled « Drapetomania, an overwheling urge to escape ». According to J.C Beaune, drapetomania is a medicalization of vagrancy (vagabond becomes mental illness) in a society in the process of industrialization, eager to fix the human to his machine. Filastine illustrates this concept, denouncing alienation through work, the non respect of the human being and this constant escape of people.
To go with this album, a first serie of clips « Abandon » is realized. This set of four videos is organized about a common theme : liberation through the dance of works and alienating tasks. Each video joins music and dance, présenting a cathartic choregraphy shooted in several places in the world : Indonesia, Portugal, USA and Spain.

Dirty Bomb
Colony Collapse
FX100, a Hundred Effects

09.02.2017 @ Roubaix, FR
18.02.2017 @ La GAM Creil, FR
29.04.2017 @ Macao Milan, IT
30.04.2017 @ Tunis, TUN
04.05.2017 @ Madrid, ES
07.07.2017 @ St Petersburg, RU
01.08.2017 @ Les Orres, FR

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