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France Loisir


Founded and performed by two freelancers from french noisy electronica sensation Picore, France Loisir contains lo-fi spoken word spit by Pier Larbor, and BPM wizardry automated by Carbon Copies. It also features a lot more of everything, plus guest sulphuric guitar heroism from Tit’o (Picore, Von Magnet) and massive drumming lava from Franck Laurino (Bästard, Zëro). France Loisir’s music is incredibly easy to label : anything between Scandalous Slow Core and Laid Back Spoken Grind is fine. Like a armed peaceful riot, its music is on a nonchalant rampage, and the very short format of the pieces brings a clinically incisive edge to the tongue in cheek punchlines that are to be found throughout this 15 minutes EP.

France Loisir
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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