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Fuck’n’Rad is the result of the artistic meeting between two phenomenons of South-African hip-hop scene : DJ Fuck, aka Sibot, MC Totally Rad, aka Waddy Jones, and another first choice guest, Spoek Mathambo. This album is consequently a synthesis of the huge creativity of South-African electro, revealing addictive musical bombs.
Frontman for the Max Normal TV project, and founder of the Constructus concept, Waddy Jones is one of the main figures when it comes to South-African hip-hop. Well-known for his unique voice and his sharp cutting flow, he is also able to enter the fields of pop. Waddy also runs his own company, Fantastic Kill Entertainment, also known as a “pop terrorist organization”, directing films, releasing music and gadgets of all kind.

Sibot is also a hyperactive kind of man. Member of “Real Estate Agents”, producer, DJ, he was fed with multiple influences from break-beat to electro, with a certain taste for abstract hip-hop. True sound jeweller, his easily identified tunes are made of hip-hop rhythm patterns supporting naïve and mind marking melodies.

Unifying such characters, this one-shot record will gather any conscious rap fan, as well as supporters of the finest electro, or insane curiosity amateurs.

Dj Fuck and Mc Totally Rad are Fuck n Rad
Cape Town Beats Volume 1

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