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Since 2003, Fumuj is spreading a subtle mix between electro dub and hip hop, cherishing a spellbinding artistic universe. After a first album entitled “Monstrueuse Normalité”, a conspicuous performance on the stage of “Découverte Electro” at Printemps de Bourges 2005 and about sixty concerts, Fumuj starts out again with dub stars, to present they brand new opus “The Robot and the Chinese Shrimp”. Get ready to plunge in a sonic chaos shaken by the generous flow of the mysterious MC Miscellaneous. That’s an invitation to a journey between urban and organic worlds, like a bridge to unknown countries awaking senses when eyes are closing.
Electronic beats on machines with funk-rock asperities : Fumuj knows how to surprise you, liberating itself off introspection in his compositions and venturing on the dance-floors, but remaining creative first of all.


The robot and the chinese shrimp
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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