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Grosso Gadgetto


Since 2005 and the release of their debut album on Lyon label Steppin’ Razor, Grosso Gadgetto did not stood unemployed : loads of gigs all through french territory, exclusive tracks on compilations initiated by Jarring Effects (“Audioactivism”, “JFX Bits”), and more recently the EP “Your Mother Smokes Crack”, released on cd1d.com. These are as many evidences that the four buddies would not stop experimenting on sound, and that in the shadows of the studios, the successor of “How long do you have to wait” was on his way. Here it is, and it is called “Paranorama”.

At last, one and all would recall a big-mouthed album, blessed by a powerful, warlike and concession free vision of hip-hop, however not excluding subtlety in songwriting and a disconcerting sense of originality. Far away from classic formats, “Paranorama” can legitimately stand besides “Techno Animal” and “Company Flow”.

After the release of their eponymous EP in 2009, the sound of Grosso Gadgetto is still filled out and henceforth shows an incredible, involving power : disrupted rythmic hip-hop, dark synthetic tablecloths from which extricates vindictive guitar riffs. As for the basses, they are simply inflated in block and marvellously wearing the singular flow of Real fake MC, American French artist subscribed to numerous projects.

Self Produced
JFX Meets Bleubird
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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