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The band started in 1993. Being much influenced by noise as well as experimental and ambient/drone music, they stood out of the crowd thanks to their unique sound : a lush and highly energetic combination of layered industrial rythms with massive and dissonant walls of guitar, howling voices and saxophones, frightening pads, travelling in ethereal and melodic ambiances.

Three albums (“100% White Puzzle”, “Dys-”, “Wu-Wei”), a remixes’ LP, some split-EPs and collaborations (Unsane, Portobello Bones, Bästard, Daunik Lazro) created a well-off discographic run and sound experiments, within a large artistic bracket of movies-inspired ambiances and noisy violence.

On stage, the two multi-instrumentists – guitar, sax, trumpet, flute for Arnaud Fournier (who also plays in La Phaze) / guitar, bass, sampler and voice for Hervé Thomas (Fragile, Urawa and Dead Hollywood Stars) – are playing in front of video projections which emphasise the band’s musical emotion. From 1994 to 1999, Hint paced up and crossed the european roads with bands like Unsane, The Young Gods, Pitchshifter, Bästard, Scorn, Fugazi, Chokebore, Mono, Les Thugs, Lab°, Portobello Bones, Alboth ! or Prohibition. From 2000 to 2005, the band made about twenty rare appearances for particulary outstanding shows, before joining Ez3kiel on stage for the “Collision Tour”, astonishing live set of violent yet melancholic walls of sound. Recording of these shows were released in 2009.

93 – 99
Collision tour

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