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Jean Du Voyage


With Jean du Voyage as his stage name, his music could only be nomadic and universal.

Beatmaker, producer, turntablist and awarded as a DJ (DMC, IDA, TKO) Jean is a passionnate musician who started to perform live in 1998.

Eclectic sound explorer, his interest for the different cultures sharp his sensibility to the rythms and breath of our planet, inspire and influence his music. The productions are mastered, accurate, and reflect his instatiable oddity.

His first album « Mantra », mystical formula, is composed of bewitched sonorities, cinematic atmospheres and various sound landscapes.
With their personnalities, the guests give its plurality to the album, and sublimate the emotions of the productions. A poetical and dreamy universe which invite to escape and introspection.

Mantra disclosure an authentical work which show a real bounty and an opening on this world’s multiculturalism.

The Closest EP

04.11.2016 @ Bangalore, IN
06.11.2016 @ Manipal, IN
11.11.2016 @ Trivandrum, IN
16.11.2016 @ Chennai , IN
20.11.2016 @ Pondichery, IN
25.11.2016 @ Kolkata, IN
26.11.2016 @ Dehli, IN
05.12.2016 @ Chandigarh, IN

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