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Karlit & Kabok


It didn’t take long for Karlit and Kabok to play in the biggest French festivals. Indeed, a couple of years after the two lads had the idea to set up a sarcastic hip-hop band, they already had played in all Lyon venues, and started to be programmed at the Reperkusound, Garorock, Authentiks or Le Printemps de Bourges. A few songs broadcast on their website acted as gunpowder, ready to explode and giving Dailymotion quite a lot of visitors.

Their first album “Musik d’ascenseurs pour kages d’eskaliers”, was as good as expected, overusing their atomic weapon : a hilarious second degree and this talent for the killing sentences. Three words are enough for them to get you laughing about party people, ravers, cops, or even their girlfriends. This record is filled with alternative hits influenced by Stupeflip or the Svinkels.

In one word, Karlit and Kabok are the punks of French hip-hop, and surely are the best answer to the boring megalomaniac rap invading the radio.


MuziK d’Ascenseur Pour Kages d’EsKalier

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