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Led Piperz


Led Piperz has been around on the french electronic and dub scenes for about a decade, Being a Vj for french live act High Tone as well as a sharp jungle and dnb dj since the early 2k’s naturally led him to production.Born from dub influences and a wide array of bass music subgenres such as dubstep, grime , bassline , dnb and break , his music can be alternately celebrating the original dubwise vibe or or the colder and deeper textures of dubstep and techno.
Sharing stages for the past three years around France and Europe with the likes of Scorn, Joker, Amon Tobin, Boxcutter, Far Too Loud, Si Begg, Disrupt, Bong-Ra, Filastine, High Rankin, High Tone, Tambour battant, Niveau Zero or Dälek , his wild and looked after live sets combine heavy sound dubbing with uplifting energy.
After a couple of promising releases on Airflex Labs, including a first well noticed 12″ remixed by Boxcutter, a few one shot releases on Jarring Effects and another year of touring with High Tone he’s also been participating to the DUB INVADERS project and soud system tour with the high tone crew.

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