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Löbe Radiant Dub System


After eight years of existence and dozen of gigs, on their own or alongside Scorn, Mogwai, General Dub, UHT, Oneyed Jack, Hooverphonics among others, in France or abroad, Löbe Radiant Sound System have released five albums, which remains in the memories of all dub appreciation societies.

Sat on a devastating rhythm section, tortuous or straight-punching, they are building a heartful universe where the poetics of ambient are stroking the delicateness of break-beats and confronting vindictive machinery interventions. Their music is deeply organic, spreading shiny vibrations enlightening their audience and linking body and mind through a timeless dub displaying evanescent atmospheres rooted in mind-blowing basses.

Unfortunately, the band split up in 2006, due to artistic disagreements.


Echo Chamber Odyssey
Vibe Discipline
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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