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L’Oeuf Raide


L’œuf Raide is an electronic music artist. Descended from the harcore-punk scene (former singer of Tong!), Fred launches out into computerized musical creation.

His hatching took place during The Printemps de Bourges 2001. After sending a 3-track cd, he is selected and is obliged to prepare a show with the utmost urgency.

Thus L’œuf Raide layed his first live show during the regional final of the selections, where he was accompanied by a drummer, Andrew, also descended from hardcore (Happy Anger,Plod). At the beginning, the live mixes electronic sequences and traditional instruments, guitar, bass, drums,…

Then, acoustic instruments hand over to machines and synthesizers for a more electronic live. There is no longer a drummer, but a VJ, Tanguy mixing pictures while Fred mixes music, for an explosive show.

A first 3-track promotional record, « On / Œuf « , releases on the occasion of The Printemps de Bourges. Quickly, the release in record shops, in october 2001, of a maxi 25 cm 4-track vinyl « A la Coque » and, in April 2002 of a maxi [Gobez l’œuf !] with the label Jarring Effects, followed.

The hatching, in January 2003, of the maxi « Hop Là! », and, in the course of Mars, of the firts album « Treize à la Douzaine », long-awaited by the whole farmyard of Jarring Effects, should be missed on no account!

After a quite long absence, L’Oeuf Raide, turns up with his second album: « Dans Le Même Panier » (Release November 2006,Jarring Effects / PIAS), more calm and melodic, cleverly blending acoustic sounds, convoluted beats and cinematic atmospheres, and he neither betrays the playful spirit of his music nor the sense of rhythms, that he’s fond of and stuck with!

How do you sleep?
À la coque
13 à la douzaine
Burn Babylon Burn
Hop là !
Dans le même panier
Are you eggsperienced ?
Berlin Eggsile
FX100, a Hundred Effects
Gobez l’oeuf

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