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Midnight Ravers


Midnight Ravers are back with their second album and set the tone affirming their double identity (Mali-France). A real encounter, necessary, that frees globalization from its economic straightjacket to ground itself into reality, a human and an exchanging one.

The other necessity is artistic. Feel otherness to get rid of the oneself-on, escape from our social and cultural environment, create an instability conducive to research and creation. It is that sincere willingness of an opening to the world that allowed Midnight Ravers to reborn as a new electro-Mandingo combo composed by 3 French and 3 Malian artists, all of them committed to a complete and protean project: music, drawing and video.

A sensitivity that spread through the music they create, emotionally intense. Here, the surges of the Kora’s sacred monster Madou ‘Sidiki’ Diabate and the subtlety of the electronic atmosphere are serving the beautiful and sad chant of the incredible singer Fatim Kouyate. There, MC Waraba and Meleke Tchatcho – the most seen MC’s in Bamako) – give to Dom Peter’s (High Tone) production a sound of festive trance, far away from the actual canons of US rap and its numerous trap derivatives.

No ‘world music color’ or ‘ethnic samples’ used here, but a real Métis band, in the music as much as in the dialog.

Sou Kono
Sou Kono Remix

01.06.2017 @ MIL, Lisbon, PT

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