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Monsieur Orange


Born in 1968, Philippe Bertrand was alternatively world traveller, teacher, and musician. Member of the Weedy Fellows, as a singer and keyboards player, he toured around France to the sound of noisy gigs until 1997. From this year, he became Monsieur Orange, acting as a solo artist and playing a brand new Bontempi Organ. His delirious fantasy seduced many audiences, and in 2000, he released his first album, “Glurp”. This first release is filled with charming, bitter and disoriented lyrics, and was followed by a year of tour in any kind of venue, or opening for artists such as M, Dominique A, les Wampas or High Tone.

Since then, he released “Papillon” in 2002, a remix EP in 2003, and the hand-made and self-produced “Bamboula Apache”, all of which containing the good old Bontempi Organ as well as melancholic and ironic poetry.

Fantasques Hits
How do you sleep?
JFX Remix
Burn Babylon Burn

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