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After ‘picture this if you will’ and ‘näo‘, the exceptional French project’s odyssey continues with their third release ‘III’. What started as an electronic one-man project became a fully guitar and drum equipped band which is highly qualified to astound listeners on record as well as on stage. After intensive team play and advancement within the last years, näo declare this album to be the logical consequence of three individual characters becoming an inseparable unit.

III‘ represents the logical evolution of näo‘s sound as a densely interwoven mixture of placid, harmonious electronics and powerful industrial / post / prog rock resulting in a genre of its own. Besides being musically influenced by projects like nine inch nails and 65daysofstatic, artistic impacts from film directors like Darren Aronofsky have been an important inspiration for the general mood of this album. Just like an unexpected turn in a fierce movie, apparent straightness becomes menace due to startling productional details. Clear, airy synth tones are abruptly overlaid with massive walls of electrified guitars carried by forcible drum set blows – a perfect bridging between the organic and the digital cosmos. it was worth waiting for ‘III‘ – now release the machine!


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