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Noise Magazine presents Ni as a group which in two years was able to drag from a small niche of Don Caballero’s followers to enter into countries where Zappa, jazz, noise tendance Zu and African trance came all together to create a tonic, brutal and shattered magma, but from which arises a warmth that where is often missing to this type of hybrid experiments sometimes a little bit tight.

There is a human dimension in a straight music going over a demonstrative aspect which could be, as a number as a lot of instrumental bands, the fatal flaw allows the public to meet the group beyond insiders and musicians. Efficiency is in addition to real, technical prowess body strength tenfold feeling of control and discipline.

After many EP’s and more than 40 gigs everywhere in France, Switzerland and Scandinavia, Ni wants to explode again throughout other musical and geographic fields



Missing FX! No upcoming live gigs. Check all the JFX live gigs.

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