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Hailed by Blow Up as “one of the most dynamic live hip-hop performers we have seen in years,” Bronx, NYC born -and- Union City, NJ raised Oddatee made his solo debut with Steely Darkglasses. He comes back with his new full length Halfway Homeless.

Packing 12 hard-hitting tracks from the underbelly of hip hop and coming straight from the edge of insanity! Oddatee’s stream of conscience flow taps into his fears, angers, and frustrations. Backed with production by dälek (Ipecac), Komplx, Digital Unicorn, and cuts by dj Motiv, Oddatee bounces from the dark gritty streets to the old school vibe of abandoned building party joints.

The album’s first single, RICANS is a new anthem for Puerto Ricans and old school Hip Hop/ Electro fans alike. Halfway homeless is a paranoid ride through the mind of this Hip Hop Maestro/Madman. If you love your Boom Bap skewed towards the deranged, you will love ODDATEEE… and you NEED Halfway homeless Oddatee’s musical journey started after hooking up with Komplx (R.Vega), a gifted producer from Union City, NJ. ODDATEEE along with Komplx became founding members and ten year veterans of THE LABTEKS, a 30 member crew responsible for one of the most innovative hip hop albums you’ve probably never

Taking Komplx’s lead, and drawing influence from the rest of the crew, Oddatee grew more comfortable creating tracks that painted outside of the lines rather than rehashing the usual tried-and-true conventions. Oddatee has collaborated in the studio and on stage with Dr. Israel, dälek, Isis, Cherry Valence, The Sofa Surfers, Mike Ladd, Anti-pop Consortium, Smut Peddlers, DJ Spooky and Prince Paul to name a few.

Since the release of Steely you may have caught him on collaborations with Markus Kienzl of the Sofa Surfers, Karuan’s Chocolate Distance track, Reflexions of a Poem, and as a part of the deadverse massive split 12” with dälek and Destructo Swarmbots (Public Guilt) . Fall 2008 will see the gifted MC hitting the road on a global level, coming to your city, town, or village with a host of new tricks he always seems to have up his sleeve.

Halfway Homeless
JFX Studio Session # 1 Picore meets Oddateee, Ben Sharpa, Blurum 13
Audio Activism #2
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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