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In its inherent poetic and cinematic way, assyrian vertigo is the invented chronicle, the sonic fresco that freely testifies of a civilization which, lost by in his thirst for conquest, has left nothing but rocks and wind.

With its obscure and poorly documented origins, its alleged violent yet refined way of life, its own way of finding the purest form of worship to their gods in the battles and conquests, its constant headlong rush towards history, its wild expansionism, its own inside struggles, the rising of the assyrian empire was vertigineous, and its fall was sudden.

Immersive and conceptual, this new Picore album imagines itself as a collec- tion of restored fragments, forged remains of this culture that mix story with history.

Assyrian vertigo is an album three years of hard work in the making, made of composition, decomposition, recomposition, multiple rewritings, sound modelling, and a
constant refinement of the musical voice. As such, it is the collective’s most ambitious effort so far, in many ways:
+ because of the band’s ongoing desire for reinvention, the dynamiting of its own internal balance and revision of its own formula by the addition of live drums in the line-up. the sound is rawer, more tribal, more direct. the silk was traded for a chainmail.
+ for the stylistic exercise (the unity in style in spite of the wide scope, a global narrative arc and a fictional angle), and the challenge of a classicist approach.

Desperate times call for desperate measures : in order to bring the epic and massive side to its compositions, Picore summons Alap Momin (Dälek, this immortal coil) for the mixing of the album : this nyc based producer is known to be as comfortable with hip hop as noise rock or concrete music. The alliance makes instantly sense and the chemistry does works out … and the mastering is assigned to Alan Douches (Converge, Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective …).
The result is iconoclastic once again, and happily pushes the limits of genres : more instrumental and tribal than ever, topped with guitar noises, percussions, custom made special effect devices, strident theremins, harmoniums …

Picore delivers high voltage material. Highly anticipated since their last effort called «l’hélium du peuple » (helium of the people), the band has been waiting for five years before releasing this effort, and admits having, over time and vagaries of writing, « skipped their third album to go straight to the fourth ».
But nothing is an island, and despite the change of sound, everything sounds more like a natural step than a rupture, and everything in this new record is self-evident, considering the roads taken by the collective through years, and testifies of the slow maturation of their identity after a decade of music making, as an entity «repeatedly destroyed by inertia, but at each time rebuilt by passion.»

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