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The South African duo formed by SIBOT (aka DJ Fuck) and SPOEK MATHAMBO gives a novo hip hop, an hybridization between groovy and heavy basses and speedy electropop with a graduated lyrics flow. Ranking among the most prolific underground artists of South Africa, SIBOT is musician, DJ, renowned turntablist, arranger, and producer. His productions testify to an universe teeming with simple and heady melodies combined with staccato hip hop rhytms, reminding those of Prefuse 73, electronica deep, scratching virtuose and jazzy melancholy atmospheres. On stage, Sibot handles laptop, turntable, sampler as Jimi Hendrix with his guitar. With Spoek, they irremediably inflame dancefloors. Spoek Mathambo started with MC Watkin Tudor Jones (aka MC Totally Rad aka Max.Normal), then he rapidly became an independant force of the south african hip hop stage, becoming famous with his compositions as well as his theatrical performances. Today, also known as Kool Disco Okapi or Royal Disko Knife, Spoek earned himself a name such as ndebele elektro folk singer and rapper and also as fashionistra, troublemaker or video productor. This MC hip hop rap maestro broadcasts his style on many projects ( Electricoon…) and impose his perfect flow within SWEAT X where afro-electro mixes with old school hip hop, with the exceptionnal Markus Wormstorm(DJ). Combining his performances to mix hip hop rap, electro and minimal music, the duo comes within the reemergence of the neon rave culture, through extravagant costumes, lyrical assaults and « glitch-a-declic-dance techno » injections.

Sibot & Spoek are Playdoe
African Arcade
Audio Activism #2

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