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Professor Psygrooves


Romain Sygroves, aka Pr Psygrooves, learnt music through playing the drums. During his musical studies, he discovered Jazz and assimilated its bases, deepening his skills with improvisations, within a free and creative approach.

Besides, his interest for electronic music was constantly growing, opening dozens of doors concerning sound engineering. He entered the world of computer assisted music, alongside with his acoustic and living vision of music. And found out how to work with both of these conceptions.

On the basis of improvised sessions around themes, riffs or rythms, played and recorded live with a skilful band, the prof then works on the sound by adding reverbs and delays, cutting and re-arranging, sampling and looping, giving birth to a brilliant machinery of music, based on organic playing, with a constant lust for experiment and sound research.

No rules here, no clichés either, just a certain idea of music. Quite simply beautiful, and nonetheless rich and risk-taking, magnified live by the moods and inspirations of the band.

Foreign Pulses & Borderline Dubs
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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