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Reverse Engineering


Reverse Engineering – taking an object apart to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance it. A practice taken from older industries that is now frequently used on computer hardware and software. »

Following the success of their first two EPs released in September 2004 and November 2005, the Swiss production genius trio Reverse Engineering are back with their highly anticipated debut  album “Duck & Cover“, which will be released on march 13th 2006 on the French label Jarring Effects (High Tone, Ez3kiel…). “Duck & Cover” is the follow-up to the successful collaboration Ep with Blu Rum 13 the much respected Washington-based underground MC.  Blu Rum 13 is well-known for his appearances on many projects including production works by artists such as Luke Vibert, Mr Thing, Amon Tobin, and DJ Vadim with whom he scours stages around the world and works as the band project One Self (Ninja Tune), he also collaborated to the Bullfrog project with Kid Koala.

Notably influenced by the electronic scene, RE explore the dark sides of instrumental hip hop and mainly focus on heavy and aggressive rhythms that build up the backbone of their productions.

When the project originated in 2002, under the hands of producers David Pieffet & Alain Decrevel,  it was mainly intended for live-on-stage-action. DJ G-Bart joined the duo later to provide a significant addition to the live shows with his very own turntablism style. Female vocalist Jasmine, who first appeared as guest on the band’s 2003 EP and is now an official member of Reverse Engineering, adds  a warm human touch to the mechanical coldness of the production works.

With the experience acquired on stage through numerous live shows and the massive positive feedback received, RE decided to start working on a studio release. In parallel, they integrated new tools to refine their compositions and start exploring new grounds through collaborations with singers, MC’s and even rock bands.

Reverse Engineering performed at over 60 shows between 2003 and 2005, including support acts for prestigious artists from labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp, Mo Wax, Jarring Effects or !K7 (DJ Vadim, Cinematic Orchestra, Luke Vibert, Mira Calix, Unkle, High Tone, Ez3kiel, Mike Ladd, Techno Animal, Blockhead, Sixtoo, Kid 606…). The visual aspect is also important in the Reverse Engineering’s concept. Their live shows include video exerts from science fiction and sword movies in order to transcribe their sound universe on the projection screen.

“Duck & Cover” blends intelligent electronic  music and underground hip-hop, with massive electric bass sounds, heavy electronic soundscapes and saturated hip-hop beats,  with a very personal signature.

Duck & Cover
Highly Complex Machinery
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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