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Singer, songwriter, performer, Nadeem Shafi is a man of many projects. Londoner with Pakistani origin, he lives in New Zealand since 2007. MC in Made In Britain (MIB) and Fun-da-men-tal, singer with 2nd Gen and Public Enemy for their tour « Fear Of A Black Planet » in 2011, Nadeem Shafi is also a solo artist with a crazy charisma. He represents the hidden face of an organic rap full of energy and political commitment.

In 1997, he released his first solo EP under the name « Scalper » at Flo Records, followed closely by a second EP « 7th Thief. » Nadeem produced a series of EPs under many pseudonyms before presenting his third EP « When The Angels Fight » in 2002 at Clockwork Recordings. Follow the albums « Flesh & Bones » in Border Music and « Bakers Butchers » both of which are well received in the national press and make top charts in New Zealand. His writing, very personal, uses experiential stories and achieves unanimity among the press.

Between hypnotically sounds, heavy rhythms and indo-Pakistanis melodically incursions, the nagging and precise phrasing of Scalper tells reflections and experiences on materialism without any concessions. Scalper likes to go in the current world’s soul with religion, social and human values diversion. Without considering himself as a judge but more like a lucid player of our society Scalper could be anyone of us.


The Emperor’s Clothes

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