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At age 13, Mick Harris was the first drummer of Napalm Death, and part of the legendary grindcore band’s first years, most remarkably on the album “Scum” in 1987. Numerous projects (Painkiller with John Zorn and Bill Laswell, the cinematic ambient of Lull, The Silent Watchers or Quoit…) have then given him enough experience to set up his electro project Scorn, at first with the company of Nic Bullen and Justin Broadrick (Goldflesh, Techno Animal, Jesu…), and then alone commanding to his machines.

He founded his own musical universe, made of deep and slow rythms, trembling basses and ghost-like haunting orchestrations. This inimitable Scorn Sound profoundly influenced several generations of musicians, (french dub scene, english dubstep…) and is rising up to a new dimension when played live, as reptilian grooves, smashing snare drums and urban pounding ambiances are turning on an obsessional tribal fury.

Black Rainbow Remixes
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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