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Ranking among the most prolific underground artists of South Africa, that dabbler is musician, DJ, renowned turntablist, arranger, producer and cornerstone of many innovative projects as well: The Real Estate Agent, The Constructus Corporation, FuCK’n’RaD, Chromoscience,…

After a debut eponymous opus released in 2004 through African Dope, Sibot presents his second « solo » album in 2007. The 21 tracks composing « in with the old » attest the teeming universe of this artist. His unique compositions are esaily recognizable, blending simple and heady melodies, with staccato hip hop rhythms (« Glitch Hop »), reminding of other productions of his fellows Prefuse 73, electronica deep (Itch cross over …) and jazzy melancholy atmospheres (Strhaff Tak, Shoulder Crawl). This saga album results in an unique and homogeneous set that all the electro-addicted hip hop lovers will appreciate at once !


Cape Town Beats Volume 1
In with the old
Row Row
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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