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Sociedade Recreativa


Merging of the combo Forró de Rebeca, which gathers its inspiration in the large North-East Brazilian cultures (Samba de Coco, Capoeira, Baiao, Maracatu…), and the US producer Maga Bo, also founder of “Tropical Bass”, Sociedade Recreativa invites to a powerful journey in the heart of an imaginary territory where electronic arrangements give new life to the ancestral rythms.

All is about meetings… Specially in Lyon, french capital of indie music and electronic cultures. Benefiting of a privilegiated playground – “les pentes” (slopes) of Croix Rousse, the musicians of Forró de Rebeca and the universal beats ambassador Maga Bo met during the summer 2014. They immediately get along with each other!

Their paths are crossing exactly where the North-estearn roots of the franco-brazilian trio dives into the electronic music deep waters, while Maga Bo, living in Rio de Janeiro for fifteen years, can’t stop focusing on the Brazilian Nordeste. The artists multiply the trips between Lyon and Rio de Janeiro. From one shore to the other, Sociedade Recreativa keeps experimenting and finally creates a new style, an « half-way » transatlantic sound. They book an appointment to record their first album during the summer 2015. The musical palette of the project is enrich by other artistic meetings, such as the Occitan flow of Papet J (Massilia Sound System) or Flavia Coelho’s feline voice.

Then comes the step of the explosive live show creation. Thanks to the help of La Cité de la Musique de Romans and the Projet Bizarre in Venissieux, the artists move directly from studio recording to artistic residencies. On stage, the festive energy of Forró de Rebeca troubadours naturally mixes up with Maga Bo’s musical patchwork. The music themes find a new meaning, somewhere between contemporary music innovation and traditions sophistication.

Sociedade Recreativa

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