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Twelve, known for the devastating scratches that he’s executing as the DJ of High Tone, is considered responsible for the incursions of traditional and electronic music in the middle of the band from Lyon. His distinct preferences for dub, ranging from roots to steppas, don’t hide his love for hip-hop, break-beat, jungle and drum’n’bass – styles which he uses to alternate in his mixes for the Big Dub Sound System (sound of High Tone) and which are assimilated in his own compositions.

This faultless sound cocktail is a mosaic of highly sophisticated and meticulous sound kaleidoscopes, softly caressing our ears with great enjoyment.

Lenteur (Twelve Meets Aku-Fen)
With 4 producers Vol / 2
With 4 producers Vol / 1
With 4 producers Vol / 3
With 4 producers Vol / 4
Perfectly Safe
Bass Shower
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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