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Uzul Prod.


This project is the unification of Stef, aka Uzul (member of Kaly Live Dub and Hybrid Sound Systems) as machines master, Tito (from Picore) on guitars and vocals, and Nicoticot (XLR Project and Hybrid Sound System) on video creations and VJing. They entered together a universe of massive and tortuous basses, where rythms snap and wear touching ethnic outfits (traditional oriental vocals or instruments, from Maghreb to Asia), confronting melancholic or angry guitars. This sonic fight with rising BPMs is supported by a thematic video set building tremendous gigs testifying for a world mixing occidental sounding to ethnic survivals.

After a few participations to compilations such as Supadope Vol. 1 (Supadope), Audioactivism (Jarring Effects), Germination (Soundsaround), a consistent load of remixes for Ez3kiel, Les Hurlements de Leo, Doeï, Grosso Gadgetto or Red Bong, the Uzul Prod crew eventually released his first album, “Travelling Without Moving”, in March 2007.

Following live set will make nerves shiver and blow hair and ears.

JFX Meets Bleubird
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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Missing FX! No upcoming live gigs. Check all the JFX live gigs.

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