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Vuneny is born in 2003, brought forth by Nedim Cisic (machines and guitars) and Andrijan Zovko (machines) by request of a short-film festival in Mostar (Bosnia), in order to produce the music of a Philippe Garrel film, “Le Révélateur”. Heads of the Bosnian underground scene, the “men of wool” (Vuneny) are affiliated to either electro-core, evolving pop or avant-garde, resulting in a hybrid and explosive mixture, both groovy and expressive, illustrative and well written.

The duet already starred in more than 400 gigs all over Europe, spreading their inflaming sensitivity to unchained audiences.

Their third album, “Whatever Singularity” is a kind of intimate monument based on deeply electronic tones, coloured with harshness and suddenly spread by instruments of bare hard feelings. Just a well conceived firework which blows all the places where his sparks are beautifully falling down .

Vuneny is always changing. It has order. It doesn’t have a specific place. Its boundaries are not defined. It affects other things. It may be accessible but go unnoticed. Part of it may also be part of something else. Some of it is familiar. Some of it is strange. Knowing about it changes it.

Whatever Singularity
FX100, a Hundred Effects

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