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Yokohama Zen Rock


Out of phase and captivating, such could be the first qualifiers of this extremely contemporary band. French-Japanese Trio, Yokohama Zen Rock illustrates the benefits of cultural exchanges by associating the vocals and stage performances of Yoko Higashi, the slashing guitars of Takeshi Yoshimura and the finest basses and machines of Spagg (member of Le Peuple de l’Herbe).

Storming diverse references and backgrounds, they fight together for the flag of Japanese electro punk rock, combining the theatricality of Yoko, the pop-rock sensibility of Takeshi, and the electro-metallic visions of Spagg.

As a result, the eponymous album, released in 2008, is a true record of its time : eclectic, addictive and freaky, whose music is raised to epic and surrealistic dimensions when played live.


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