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You were waiting for it, here it is! The autumn 2021 presentation brochure of the Jarring Effects constellation.

Plaquette, Jarring Effects

In the JFX brochure, we tell you all about the activities of the constellation! On the recorded music side, you can discover all the new releases from the Jarring Effects label, all the projects from the urban music label Galant Records and a host of releases for the techno label Slab Note. As we want to do good to your ears, the QR codes will allow you to listen to all these novelties!

We also unveil two major projects that will mark the year 2022: the great return of the Jarring Fest ‘in Lyon in its originally planned form: a three-day creation festival with three trends (music and image, music and words, music and dance) and the birth of the Artem Effects Festival, a carbon-free festival which will take place in Saint-Raphaël and which will highlight current music, with a strong focus dedicated to artistic residency and education Artistic and Cultural.

As for live entertainment, the constellation is not left out. Valentine and Boris present you the Spread The Word catalog, a wide variety of pioneering and original artists who offer innovative projects on stage.

Also to be rediscovered, the World Wide Effects documentaries but also Rumble Inn, the recording studio open to all.

Notice to music professionals, we are revealing all the training dates organized by Escales Buissonnières in our E.M.I.L. Training: Ableton Live, Dub Technique, Sound Synthesis, Modular Synthesizers, and Home Studio Mixing.

You can read the brochure here 


After the success of the first edition of our Artem Effects project which took place last month in Saint Raphael, we decided, together with our partner Artem 83, to give the cover to propose Artem Effects #2. During the week of March 22-28, we welcomed the artists Awori and Twani for an artistic residency on the occasion of the release of their first joint album Ranavalona released by Galant Records. We’ll tell you more about this second edition.

Awori Twani Artem Effects

In partnership with Artem83, an emblematic cultural player of the Southern region, we created Artem Effects. Supported by the city of Saint Raphaël through a convention the project aims to promote Saint Raphaël by offering cultural activities and events. In 2021, we set up a two-month artist residency for a working time dedicated to the development of live shows combining music and visual arts in collaboration with various places in the city. A concert will close each exit from residence. If possible, they will be open to the public. These concerts will be captured and broadcast, in streaming and via local TV and radio channels. In addition, as soon as the situation permits, we will offer other concerts in the region.

During each residency, there will be a conference on issues specific to contemporary music and art, as well as screenings of documentaries dedicated to the arts, such as our World Wide Effects series and training courses on mixing, at DJing, at beatmaking with our training center E.M.I.L

To top it all off in 2022 we will organize a carbon-free festival in partnership with Mobilvolts (photovoltaic energy specialist), Lu Sound (sound engineer) and MDE (Music Declares Emergency). The objective is to build on renewable resources, solar energy, waste recovery, zero plastics and carbon offset.

The second edition

Awori Twani Artem Effects

On the occasion of the release at Galant Records of the album Ranavalona by Awori and Twani, the two artists were the guests of this second edition for an artistic residency to refine their live performance. As for last month’s edition, an end-of-residency concert took place at the Félix Martin Hall as well as an outdoor live recording.

Saturday morning, with our  training center EMIL, the beatmaker Twani also led a beatmaking training for young Raphaëlois at the Georges Ginesta cultural center. The afternoon we went to the Museum of Archaeology and more precisely its crypt or Yoann & Zoé Lamarche of Mobilvolts, Bernard Pourrat of Lu Sound and Monsieur Mo of the label JFX presented the continuation of the conference « how to decarbonize a festival? ». To end the week, the live recording took place in the different spaces of the museum (at the top of the tower and in the bucolic garden ). The live was entirely powered by the solar generator of our partner Mobilvolts.

You will soon be able to find images of the concert at the end of the residency, the acoustic sessions in the church and in the garden, the second conference on « how to decarbonize a festival » (in the form of a series of interviews) and the open-air evening live.

Learn more about Artem Effects #1

After a triumphant release on November 13 on all streaming platforms, the project Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN has conquered the public and the press. The tracks have been broadcast on a lot of playlists and radio stations around the world. The physical version of the album, whose release had been delayed because of the health situation, will finally be available from December 11!

« A new feminist wave in African song » Le Monde 

« Mothers of Congo and Rrobin celebrate the «matrimoine» » – RFI 

« Les Mamans du Congo, le groupe afroféministe qui célèbre les chansons du matrimoine » – Télérama


Since the release of the first single Boum on July 15, Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN has been playing all over the world. Radio Nova, France Inter, FIP, … nobody resist against the five moms and the Lyon beatmaker. The great Gilles Petrerson did not make an exception and broadcasting the title Boum in his podcast on the BBC.

Read the press review. 

les Mamans du Congo; Congo; photo, CD et vinyle

© Flore Onissah

Les Mamans du Congo is a Congolese group composed of five women who sing traditional lullabies of their country. Led by singer and percussionist Gladys Samba, the group evokes many themes dear to the Congolese people : from the emancipation of women in the face of patriarchal society to the difficulties of people who abandon their villages and their loved ones to find work, through revisited traditional legends.


Rrobin; photo; jarring effects, CD et vinyle

© Tania Guerrero

It is in 2019, at the initiative of the Institut Français du Congo, La Coopérative de Mai and the label Jarring Effects that Les Mamans du Congo meet the French producer and beatmaker RROBIN. The project Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN was born, offering us a delicious mix of traditional Congolese songs and percussion and hip-hop and electronic beats.

After having conquered the public and the media, the album will arrive in physical version from December 11. It is already available for pre-order here. A great gift idea to brighten up your Christmas 2020!


After receiving a real ovation from the national and international press for the first three singles Boum, Bordel de Rap and Ngaminke , Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN unveil their first album Friday, November 13 on all digital platforms. Unfortunately, given the current situation, we will have to wait until December 11 to obtain the CD and vinyl versions of the album already available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

«This Afro-feminist group sings out the daily life of the Congolese on explosive rhythms» Le Monde


“Inspiring and modern women who make us want to look to the future without worrying about traditions, who make us their own with common sense and creativity.” Pan African Music


Summer Tube” FIP


> Read the full press review of Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin <

Lead by charismatic singer and percussionist Gladys Samba the five mothers sing in Lari the history of their people as well as the daily life of the Congolese woman by putting it to music on complex rhythms played with forks, plates, baskets, drumsticks and recovery equipment.

Les mamans du Congo; robin;

Two years ago, l’Institut Français du Congo, La Coopérative de Mai and the label Jarring Effects brought together the group Les Mamans du Congo and RROBIN. The women’s collective then met the French producer and beatmaker, RROBIN, a specialist in hip-hop and house beats. The project Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN was born.


After their first three singles: Boum, Bordel de Rap and Ngaminke, the first album will be released on November 13, a unique encounter between the bantu lullabies of Congo and traditional DIY instruments all set to music by the beatmaker RROBIN.

The group evokes many themes dear to the Congolese population. From the difficulties of people abandoning their villages and their loved ones to find work in Brazzaville (Bordel de Rap) to the emancipation of women in the face of family constraints and patriarchal society (Boum), Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN are struggling by skillfully mixing metaphors and sound textures (Sans Pagne, Meki) to offer an unpublished marriage between the world of rap and the Kongo cultural heritage. By drawing from the source of their history and revisiting the legends often told by the river Congo (Ngaminke), the combo invites its people to persevere (Nkala) and offers a real ode to African women (Perle Précieuse).

Since 5 years, Jarring Effects continue an international adventure nonstandard, in 3 parts. Musical project based on a production of  creation between local artists and French, a documentary portrait and at the end French tour. The name of this collection is World Wide Effects.

This new project is triangular meeting between: France, Benin and United States compose of 2 French artists (David Walters – production/composer/singer and  Olivier Koundouno – cellist) 2 artists born in New Orleans (Big Chief Jermaine et Big chief Roméo), and Bona Didolanvi, percussionist of Cotonou (Benin). This new meeting is born in New Orleans. They‘re accompanied of Emmanuel Perrot and Elodie Maillot. The documentary will be realized, once again by Arno Bitschy and Celine Frezza for the sound.

This documentary and albums collection called World Wide Effects, spread through urbanity begins in a port of South African the Cap of a Good Hope in 2013 (Cap Town Effects.)The Adventure continued in 2015, at Motor City near to Detroit (D.Lights), Detroit, city of automobile industry who permitted at the America to build soul music and road trip. It was logical to make a halt in New Orleans. “NOLA” the other side of the American dream. “NOLA IS CALLING” is the name of this new project.

Follow the adventure of the project

The documentary realized by Arno Bitschy, propose an inner look on roots and traditions of the city see by two men: Big chief Jermaine, representative of mardi-gras Indians and Hasizzle rising figure of the bounce stage, new electronic wave music who mix code and type, that only NOLA can create.


E.M.I.L. (European Music Industry Lectures) is a Lyon­-based training organisation founded in 2016 by independent music label and household name Jarring Effects. As the very first Ableton-certified training center in the Rhône­-Alpes region, France’s second biggest music and culture hub, E.M.I.L offers tailor­-made training on Live and other industry-standard softwares and techniques. The priority of our courses is to stimulate our students’ creative process and teach them all the know-hows they need at the highest level to develop their career as a live musician and producing artist. Our two trainers, Flore and Uzul, are both proactive music producers and experts reputed in their respective fields who personally practice on a daily-basis the tools on which you will be trained, giving you an excellent level of professional experience and insight. Flore is also Ableton Certified Trainer, regularly running workshops in France and abroad.
In partnership with les Escales Buissonnières, Jarring Effects is developing an Afdas offer, facilitating the support for the full cost of training for musicians.
Go on EMIL website
Go on Ableton website




Flore Morfin is a French DJ, label and event manager, as well as a composer, under the names of Flore and Ritual. She started using computers for making music in the late 90s and has been a professional musician for fifteen years. She’s also an experienced teacher of Live and Push, at Formation Jarring Effects in Lyon, France.


Dub activist since Kaly Live Dub project, Uzul is also a multifaceted known artist. His bass music productions have drawn attention of artists as well respected as different such as Skream, N-Type, Ben Sharpa…


The last february 17, Dub Invaders was playing in Lyon for the 12th Dub Echo edition. Pull-Up Mag has shooted a video-report for the venue, to broadcast these moments with the full crew and the guests : Omar Perry, Shanti D and Sir Jean.

These three videos by Pull-Up Mag can be watched on YouTube :

Dub Invaders feat Omar Perry :

Dub Invaders feat Sir Jean & Shanti D :

Last tune with Sir Jean :




Dub Invaders just released a ‘DUB BOX’, special box grouping the four vinyls « Dub Invaders Vol.3 », a triple anthological CD « Mission Completed », and many goodies. Box available to order on BandCamp or directly at Jarring Effects (13, rue René Leynaud, 69001 LYON).

Erzatz’s third album was released a week ago on Jarring Effects, 90bpm tell you about it.

« Erzatz’s music is at the crossroads of styles and thoughts. In a world where paths are parallels, the band decided to travel between the lines and never join the road. »

Thanks to them !

You can stream and download « Meian » on every plateform.
To order the opus in physical format, it’s as usual on CD1D.com.

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