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Since 5 years, Jarring Effects continue an international adventure nonstandard, in 3 parts. Musical project based on a production of  creation between local artists and French, a documentary portrait and at the end French tour. The name of this collection is World Wide Effects.

This new project is triangular meeting between: France, Benin and United States compose of 2 French artists (David Walters – production/composer/singer and  Olivier Koundouno – cellist) 2 artists born in New Orleans (Big Chief Jermaine et Big chief Roméo), and Bona Didolanvi, percussionist of Cotonou (Benin). This new meeting is born in New Orleans. They‘re accompanied of Emmanuel Perrot and Elodie Maillot. The documentary will be realized, once again by Arno Bitschy and Celine Frezza for the sound.

This documentary and albums collection called World Wide Effects, spread through urbanity begins in a port of South African the Cap of a Good Hope in 2013 (Cap Town Effects.)The Adventure continued in 2015, at Motor City near to Detroit (D.Lights), Detroit, city of automobile industry who permitted at the America to build soul music and road trip. It was logical to make a halt in New Orleans. “NOLA” the other side of the American dream. “NOLA IS CALLING” is the name of this new project.

Follow the adventure of the project

The documentary realized by Arno Bitschy, propose an inner look on roots and traditions of the city see by two men: Big chief Jermaine, representative of mardi-gras Indians and Hasizzle rising figure of the bounce stage, new electronic wave music who mix code and type, that only NOLA can create.


E.M.I.L. (European Music Industry Lectures) is a Lyon­-based training organisation founded in 2016 by independent music label and household name Jarring Effects. As the very first Ableton-certified training center in the Rhône­-Alpes region, France’s second biggest music and culture hub, E.M.I.L offers tailor­-made training on Live and other industry-standard softwares and techniques. The priority of our courses is to stimulate our students’ creative process and teach them all the know-hows they need at the highest level to develop their career as a live musician and producing artist. Our two trainers, Flore and Uzul, are both proactive music producers and experts reputed in their respective fields who personally practice on a daily-basis the tools on which you will be trained, giving you an excellent level of professional experience and insight. Flore is also Ableton Certified Trainer, regularly running workshops in France and abroad.
In partnership with les Escales Buissonnières, Jarring Effects is developing an Afdas offer, facilitating the support for the full cost of training for musicians.
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Flore Morfin is a French DJ, label and event manager, as well as a composer, under the names of Flore and Ritual. She started using computers for making music in the late 90s and has been a professional musician for fifteen years. She’s also an experienced teacher of Live and Push, at Formation Jarring Effects in Lyon, France.


Dub activist since Kaly Live Dub project, Uzul is also a multifaceted known artist. His bass music productions have drawn attention of artists as well respected as different such as Skream, N-Type, Ben Sharpa…


The last february 17, Dub Invaders was playing in Lyon for the 12th Dub Echo edition. Pull-Up Mag has shooted a video-report for the venue, to broadcast these moments with the full crew and the guests : Omar Perry, Shanti D and Sir Jean.

These three videos by Pull-Up Mag can be watched on YouTube :

Dub Invaders feat Omar Perry :

Dub Invaders feat Sir Jean & Shanti D :

Last tune with Sir Jean :




Dub Invaders just released a ‘DUB BOX’, special box grouping the four vinyls « Dub Invaders Vol.3 », a triple anthological CD « Mission Completed », and many goodies. Box available to order on BandCamp or directly at Jarring Effects (13, rue René Leynaud, 69001 LYON).

Erzatz’s third album was released a week ago on Jarring Effects, 90bpm tell you about it.

« Erzatz’s music is at the crossroads of styles and thoughts. In a world where paths are parallels, the band decided to travel between the lines and never join the road. »

Thanks to them !

You can stream and download « Meian » on every plateform.
To order the opus in physical format, it’s as usual on CD1D.com.

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