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Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN unveil the Ngaminke clip! Shot by director Flore Onissah, Ngaminke is the story of a quest, the tale of a return to basics, both literally and figuratively.

Water purifying and regenerating source, connects humanity to the world. Here, it symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Ngaminke tells the story of the source of Mbamou, a village destroyed as a result of war, located on an island thirty kilometers from Brazzaville. This spring, discovered by the mother of Gladys Samba‘s mother-in-law, needs water to be drunk. Between traditional Bantu sounds and a grim and hip-hop atmosphere, the leader of Les Mamans du Congo reconnects with this mystical source.

Listen to the album Les Mamans du Congo et RROBIN here

“During the war, entire villages were destroyed and the Mama Lemba spring disappeared. I asked the ancestors and the spirits to help me find my way back to this source. «  The clip also celebrates the soul of ancestors, the way of wisdom, symbolized by smoke.It features the Mami Watta, these bewitching sirens who bewitch men with their song, these mothers of the waters, half-terrestrial, half-terrestrial. aquatic, which symbolize the nourishing sea and the destructive ocean. Ngaminke reminds each African woman, in addition to the strength of memory and transmission, the matriarchal power that she has within her, a power that she derives from her ancestors, and that she can summon at any time to face the trials of life and bring peace and blessing to loved ones.

Brain Damage meets Harrison Stafford
Brain Damage meets Harrison Stafford

Brain Damage was playing live at the Studio 105 to introduce his new album Liberation Time at the France Musique’s radio show Ocora Couleurs du Monde by Françoise Degeorges.

Furthermore, in case you weren’t aware of it yet Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford (from the band Groundation) will be back on stage in France next April for the Liberation Time tour.

The album Liberation Time was born from the encounter of Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford; it will revive all the fans of the artists’ works since all the respective artistic features of these two musicians are fairly represented in it. The unique voice of Harrison Stafford here is conveying the idea of self-emancipation through Music and also his universal view on the Rastafarian faith in an elegant way. As for the writing and the production work of Brain Damage, it seems his music becomes ever more sophisticated and more personal, intellectualized but still very deep.

To listen to the show or replay it:

11/04 – SMAC 07 – Annonay
12/04 – Le Forum de Vauréal – Vauréal
13/04 – FGO-Barbara – Paris
14/04 – Les Insolents– Lorient
15/04 – Les Cuizines – Chelles
17/04 – Bucéphale – Draguignan
18/04 – Le Transbordeur – Lyon
19/04 – Ebullition – Bulle
20/04 – Le Moulin – Brainans
21/04 – Festival Renk’Arts – Ancenis
22/04 – La Grange à Musique – Creil
25/04 – Le Gueulard Plus – Nilvance
26/04 – Le Printemps de Bourges – Bourges
27/04 – Le Tangram – Evreux

Call and Response Arno Bitschy Trailer
Jarring Effects Music label Producer Call and Response

We are very pleased to release the exclusive official trailer of the Jarring Effects music label and Arno Bitschy’s new documentary, scheduled for this autumn: “Call and response“! For the third volume of the “World Wide Effects”’s project Jarring Effects, Céline Frezza and Arno Bitschy are back in the US and this time they’ve put down their luggage in New-Orleans: NOLA!

For 5 years now we have been on an exceptional threefold adventure. A musical project based on production, creation between local and French artists, a documentary portrait, an authentic unbiased perspective of a city from within, through the eyes of artists, but not only. At the end of the project, a tour in France, a film projection, and meetings…This collection of documentaries and albums, named « World Wide Effects », has begun in a South-African’s harbor at Cape of Good Hope, in 2013 (Cape Town effects) and then sailed to Detroit in 2015 (D.Lights). Therefore it was logic to make a new stop in New-Orleans « NOLA », on the other side of the American dream.

Cheerful, cheeky, hyperactive, the New-Orleans is a town of fantasy and excess. A city which believes in voodoo and worships the dead. A town where the livings are still fighting despite the disasters and the slowness of a state which gave up on them. One of the rare cities where the Past, the Culture and especially Music are the only pillars that holds everything. A post-colonial town very attaching, that doesn’t look like any other in the country. So it seemed somehow necessary to settle down in this cheeky and shameless town that never sleeps for the Volume III.

There you go :



Erzatz, a multiform project mixing folk sounds, abstracts, hip-hop and electro, is coming back with a new video extracted from his third album « Meian« , published at the beginning of the year by Jarring Effects, and it’s exclusive on Longueur d’Ondes ! This movie, extended version of clip Don’t make me hide , brings together several titles of the album.

Last February the band released its third album « Meian« , multiform project metamorphosing each opus. This last album, which means clear obscure in Japanese, was accompanied by 5 video clips illustrating the album and the themes which appear there: the search of identity, homesickness, agoraphobia …
The band returns with an « extended » version bringing together several titles of the album and images extracted from the previous videos, as well as unpublished images. This new video brings additional keys of understanding to a dense and demanding opus, like a new stone brought to a consequent building.

Moving form, the band is on this last album composed of Takeshi Yoshimura , Japanese guitarist, composer and singer, and Céline Frezza , always producer and sound engineer, and also a singer. They called on Aku Fen (High Tone), a kindly outside ear, to arrange and produce. Like a closing loop. Aku Fen is indeed the one who gave the taste and the bases of the production to Céline, and if it needed to make its weapons, only it is to better return to its « mentor » once its tested autonomy. The rapper M.Sayyid , (Anti pop consortium and Air born audio) adds the hip hop note, red thread of the Erzatz discography.

Watch «  Meian  » video exclusively on Longueur d’Ondes !

Erzatz - Meian
Azizaa "Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy"

Ghanaian singer Azizaa unveils today her new video on Konbini ! Adze Kolo – Voodoo Pussy is extract from his new album Vodua, which will be released early 2018 by Jarring Effects !

An atypical artist, Azizaa calls her unique blend of music « Voodoo Music »: a bridge that brings together the old and the new, the ancestral and the modern, the past and the present, the present and the future. On stage, her performances are imbued with mysticism and excitement, her strange body movements are intended to heal the body and reconnect to the soul.

Her clip, directed by Wanlov « The Kubolor » Cini, is an ode to the voodoo religion and the omnipotence of women Ewe, this people of West Africa living mainly in the Southeast of Ghana and southern Togo, partly attributed to the origin of the voodoo religion. This title speaks of the power of voodoo among the Ewe, and the fact that the mothers of the surrounding tribes warn their sons against women ewe. Men tend to put their lives aside once in the face of an ewé woman.

Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy is an excerpt from his album, which will appear at the beginning of 2018, and which will try to open to the public more the doors of voodoo cults practiced in West Africa. « The word ‘Vodua’ means divinity. In West African spirituality, everyone has a voodoo spirit that guides us in life, especially in the most difficult moments » says Azizaa.

Watch Azizaa’s video :

Azizaa "Adze Kolo / Voodoo Pussy"
Brain Damage Meets Harrison Stafford
Brain Damage Meets Harrison Stafford

Brain Damage and Harrison Stafford (Groundation) unveil the videoclip of Liberation Time ! The videoclip has been realised by Rémy Boudet and Les Dimanches Matins.
The album will be released on october 20th by Jarring Effects. Liberation Time Tour will begin next week, and will pass by Paris on November 25 for the Telerama Dub Festival.

To gain some grasp of the genesis of this new project, that may seem surprising at first, let’s address what both artists have in common, rather that what differentiates them. Internationally recognized masters in the styles, respectively reggae & dub, that they are developing in parallel for almost 20 years, without never really meeting each other, the two protagonists strive to challenge their codes in an ever greater respect to their Jamaican roots: two decades furthering a relentless fight against musical orthodoxy, to the benefit of interbreedings that have always been major contributions to music — and arts in general — History. This is evidenced by jazz and Jamaican traditional music fusion in the case of Harrison Stafford, and notably with his amazing adventure with Groundation, as well as by Martin Nathan countless experimentations, over Brain Damage prolific discography, always digging in more unlikely and audacious directions.

From this unexpected collaboration will stem « Liberation Time » album, an LP that will delight many fans of the two artists’ works, all what builds their respective uniqueness being there so well intricated. Harrison Stafford unique voice supports, in a most elegant way, the delivery of a uniting message focused on self-empowerment through music and his universalist vision of Rastafarian faith. Brain Damage writing and production, on the other hand, appear always more subtle and personal, intellectualized yet visceral. Solid compositions, hit melodies and classy dub effects are among assets that will undoubtedly confirm « Liberation Time » as one of the most accomplished collaboration project of this year.

11/10 – Le Moulin – Marseille (13)
12/10 – Victoire 2 – Montpellier (34)
13/10 – Les Docks – Cahors (46)
14/10 – Les Abattoirs – Bourgoin Jallieu (38)
15/10 – La Moba – Bagnols s/Cèze (30)
16/10 – Festival Roots’Ergue – Baraqueville (12)
18/10 – Atelier 210 – Bruxelles (BE)
19/10 – Le Moloco – Audincourt (25)
20/10 – Le Brise glace – Annecy (74)
21/10 – Le Clapier – St Etienne (42)
22/10 – Issoudun Reggae Temple – Issoudun (36)
14/11 – L’Autre Canal Nancy – Nancy (54)
15/11 – Les Tanneries – Dijon (21)
17/11 – L’Orange Bleue / Bords 2 Scènes – Vitry-Le-François (51)
18/11 – Stereolux – Nantes (44)
22/11 – Le Camji – Niort (79)
23/11 – Le Temps Machine hors les murs – Tours (37)
24/11 – Chauffer Dans La Noirceur – Montmartin s/Mer (50)
25/11 – Télérama Dub Festival – Paris (75)
26/11 – Le Grand Mix – Tourcoing (59)

Last April released the fourth album of Filastine & Nova, titled Drapetomania. The band come back on the making of of the album, in a free-form visual documentary, featuring the musicians, places, noises, and experiences that shaped Drapetomania. The footage comes from our mobile phones and camera, except the Celebes sea, which is courtesy of SlamJam Productions.

On this fourth album, Filastine & Nova illustrates the concept of « dromomania » by denouncing the alienation by work, and the non respect of human being. Musically, Drapetomania offers a bold synthesis mixing psychedelia, post tropical folk and punk spirit! Filastine & Nova are above all performing artists. During their concerts, sounds are integrated with images and ideas.

Drapetomania is available on the different platforms
Also available on vinyl on CD1D

Next tour dates :
01/08 – Les Orres (FR)
25/08 – Festival Mutek – Montreal (QC)
17/11 – Global – Copenhague (DK)

Mat3r Dolorosa is coming back with the video clip « Retroaction« : a ballet between a dancer and an abstract creature made of particles ! The title « Retroaction » is extract from his last album « A Noisy Blast / Son Of Light«  published by Jarring Effects.

Tristan Spella (aka Mat3r Dolorosa) imagined with his team composed of David Decastille, Antoine Vanel and Sébastien Albert, a video that would give a reading of the current world and its drifts. The human being seeks to maximize his life, and his experience to the world. The digital revolution and its tools (virtual reality helmet, biotechnologies…) make these unstoppable quests more and more accessible, but all this does not make it finally enslaved by a technology that prevents it from having full consciousness of itself and its environment?

In response to this question, this video clip unites different creative actors around a global work that combines theater, dance, 3D capture, generative work and video production. Technically the choreography is captured by both a director and a developer; this one will later « pick up » the movements of the dancer and numerically add a cloud of particles. The whole thing is then incorporated into the « real » video, which presents a ballet between a dancer and an abstract creature.

« Son of Light / A Noisy Blast » is available to listen and download on different platforms.
The opus is also available in vinyl format on CD1D.

« Jazz, portrait of a forgotten soul of Detroit » new Jarring Effects’ documentary, realised by Arno Bitschy, is now available on Okast !

In an America more divided than ever, Detroit, a ghostly city, offers the dark side of the American dream.

In one of the many abandoned houses lives an old woman, Jazz. She sings of old Billie Holiday tracks, sad love stories, fallen destinies, heartbreaking passions. On her porch she watches the passing time, far from the chaos that shakes her country. Her rite is immutable, every Thursday she sings with her friends in a Jazz club, her broken voice shine.

After Resilience and the portrait of the Detroit people’s fight for their city, Jarring Effects presents one of his wandering souls, Jazz aka DJ Holiday. A forgotten destiny that deserved to be brought to light.

Go watch it : Okast

« Perbatasan », the new Filastine videoclip, is now available on New Noise !

The track Perbatasan is an extract from Drapetomania, Filastine’s fourth album, which will be released on April 28th on Jarring Effects. The world tour, which has already started, will pass by France, Italy, Spain, Albania, Netherlands, Russia, Tunisia and the United States ! You can see all the gigs on Filastine’s artist page.

« Meian », the third album of the french-japanese duo Erzatz, was released last month. To go with and to illustrate this album, a serie of five cinematic modules was shot in Japan by the Sens2k collective. « A day » is the last episode, and it’s the key of chiaroscuro, album red string.
To discover this project in live, rendez-vous to the next show in Lyon on march 23rd at La Méduze.
« Meian » is available as usual on CD1D.

Last episode of Abandon series by Filastine, Los Chatarreros, is now online !

Each evening hundreds of chatarreros (scrap collectors) comb the streets of Barcelona for metals. Their only
tools are supermarket shopping carts, which are filled with discarded appliances and other sharp debris until resembling apocalyptic rolling sculptures. This work is done almost exclusively by migrants, mostly Africans without papers. Ubiquitous but invisible, their presence is so incongruous to Barcelona’s brand as a trendy city that they pass unnoticed. These ghostly scrap collectors are the stars of Filastine’s latest video.

The song Los Chatarreros will be on Filastine’s new release Drapetomania, which will be released on april 28th.

« RESILIENCE », Arno Bitschy’s film produced by Jarring Effects, will be broadcasted on March 23rd at « Le Périscope » in Lyon. Free entrance.

A PROJECT BY Jarring Effects
(2015, 52 min)

What if Detroit was not in ruin ? And what if all the media repeated about the city was a lie ? This documentary offers a road trip in one of the most enigmatic cities of the United States.
The words of its inhabitants reveal a city half empty full of activists, concerned citizens, downgraded persons which seem to hide from the rest of the world. Highlighting these people, Resilience sounds like a declaration of love for their city.

And in what looks like a journey through History and histories, the music sounds from every corners, half-empty streets, abandoned building, urban farms, invading brownfields and hearts. This music makes a part of the Detroit’s soul.

Produced by Jarring Effects, label from Lyon, at the beginning of this project of cultural exchange and of Cape Town Effects, this documentary highlights D. Lights, hip-hop band from Detroit, born from the international artistic and human meeting, in which we find two producers : Charles Trees and YoggyOn, and three rap artists of Detroit’s hip-hop stage : Finale, Miz Korona and Intricate Dialect. »

You can watch the trailer belong :


The new Erzatz‘s video, from the album « Meian », is now in exclusivity on Longueur d’Ondes!
The abstract folk french-japanese duo brings us once again to the rising sun’s country through this beautiful video realised Sens 2K.
Don’t wait anymore, click here to discover « Blow my dreams » !
To order « Meian », it’s as usual on CD1D.com.


After the released of Erzatz’s third album one week ago on Jarring Effects, the band reveals today in exclusivity on 90bpm the third cinematic module of « Meian », realized by Sens 2K : the song « Don’t Make Me Hide » featuring M. Sayyid (aka « Sayyid Airborn »).

You can stream and download « Meian » on every plateform.
To order the opus in physical format, it’s as usual on CD1D.com.


The new Erzatz cinematic module is previewed on New Noise this Friday!
« Yougure » is extract from their new album « Meian », which will be released on February 3rd.
On the occasion of the release of this third opus, Erzatz will perform live on February 4th at the Point Éphémère (free entry !): page of the event
You can pre-order the album as usual on CD1D

Erzatz : nouvel album, deuxième clip en avant-première :

Three years after their latest album « Cruel Summer », r ;satz are back, transformed. The franco-japanese duo will release his new album « Meian » february 3rd.
Composed by Takeshi Yoshimura, guitar player, composer and Japanese singer and by Céline Frezza, always producer and sound engineer, but also singer in the band now, this album wanted to open up new horizons, more folk, minimal, while remaining electronical and abstrackt.
Erzatz have called special guests for this album, with Akufen (High tone), to produce the album and for the musical arrangement, and the rapper M.Sayyid (Anti pop consortium and Air born audio) come to add a hip hop touch, underlying theme of Erzatz’s discography.
To make you wait before the release, we unveil today the first video clip extract from the album, and realised by Sen2K !

Few weeks ago was release the videoclip of « Khanti », extract from Jean du Voyage’s first album « Mantra », realised for the temporary exposition of the National Museum of La Rochelle « Chants du voyage : l’exposition coloniale en vinyles ».

Today you can discover the making of video of « Khanti ». This interactive video has been realised by Mathieu Vouzelaud.

You can always order the album on CD1D

The french producer Jean du Voyage release his first album this friday !

After few acclaimed EPs, the traveller release his first full-lenght, and bring us in a universe mixing cinematic atmospheres and bewitched sonorities. Many guests are gathered (Djéla, Isla, Anaïs, Pierre Harmegnies), who gave its plurality to the album.

This video clip has been realised with the National Museum of La Rochelle, for its exposition on colonialism.

Jean du Voyage will fly next month for a new trip : his first indian tour !


The eagerly awaited second album of the french producer Mat3r Dolorosa has been released last month.

Today Tristan Spella (a.k.a Mat3r Dolorosa) offers us a new video clip : a cover of the mythical band Portishead !

In this 3D video, the artist’s body is staged, transfigured by an imaging mixing pointillism, minimalism and chiaroscuro. A major experience undertake with the videasts David Decastille and Antoine Vanel.

You can always order the album on CD1D.

All the episodes of the webserie « Walk The Walk » are now online !
The director Wasaru joined Brain Damage during his journey in Jamaica. This was a great opportunity for him not only to create and artistic work but also to hear these legends narrate their childhood memories. It had a heritage value. In this 8 episodes of the web series « Walk the Walk » we can find a photo of the 60s and 70s Jamaican life, anecdotes about the different characters, mythical events of the island (Bob Marley, Tosh Pete) and intimate confessions.

You can watch the episodes by clicking here !

The first episodes of the webserie « Walk The Walk » are available on our website !

With more than 11 albums behind him, Martin Nathan ventures into many artistic and stylistic experiments, under the name of Brain Damage. He has spent 15 years alternating between his solo project and music collaborations in order to establish the roots of his musical art. His friendship with Samuel Clayton Jr, sound engineer and internationally recognized producer (Steel Pulse / Toots & the Maytals) opened the door of the legendary Harry J Studio (Bob Marley / Burning Spear), and offered him the opportunity to attend some interesting meetings and to work, during unforgettable studio sessions in Kingston, with legends such as Horace Andy, Kiddus I, Willi Williams, Winston McAnuff and Ras Michael.
Everyone single one of them was able to travel to the musical universe suggested by Brain Damage, and was able to follow the style suggested by the artist. Thus, they wrote the majority of their songs about their infancy, childhood, youth, and education. The result of this collaboration is unique. It is a mixture of maturity and freshness probably due to the openness and talent of each protagonist. The dub/reggae album « Walk the Walk » came out on October 16th on Jarring Effects.
Here is this opus genesis : discover now Walk the Walk’s legends on video!

The director Wasaru joined him during his journey in Jamaica. This was a great opportunity for him not only to create and artistic work but also to hear these legends narrate their childhood memories. It had a heritage value. In this 8 episodes of the web series « Walk the Walk » we can find a photo of the 60s and 70s Jamaican life, anecdotes about the different characters, mythical events of the island (Bob Marley, Tosh Pete) and intimate confessions.

You can watch the episodes by clicking here !

Two years ago, Jarring Effects has started a project in Detroit, after Cape Town Effects project which was held in South Africa. The same concept of the project, with french and local musicians, one city and one documentary. The result is an album, D.Lights, and a documentary called Resilience, a tour in France and screening.

The shooting of Resilience has allowed a meeting of a unique woman: JAZZ aka DJ Holiday. She is an old afro american woman, forgotten by everybody, who has always singing, and who met some of the well known artists in Jazz, but has never been famous.

Jarring Effects wants to honor her in a documentary, which will be realised by Resilience’s director: Arno Bitschy.

You can be a part of the project by participating to it’s funding, all the informations are available on the Kisskissbankbank page: JAZZ – Portrait d’une âme oubliée.

« Sou Kono Remix » by Midnight Ravers has been released on May 27th. It have some of the most influential afro-electro artists on it: Spoek Mathambo, Mawimbi, Gulls and Simbad. Each artist has interpreted his way a song from the EP.
The videoclip of « Dabora » remixed by Spoek Mathambo, extract from « Sou Kono Remix » is available today on Noisey !
You can watch it by clicking here.

During 8 episodes (one per week), Le Petit Bulletin and Jarring Effects invites you exclusively to follow Brain Damage during its Jamaïcan trip !

The web serie « Walk the walk », realised by Wasaru, tells step by step how the eponym album was recorded, in the legendary Harry J Recording Studio with Sam Clayton Jr.
First episode : Horace Andy, the famous Massive Attack’s voice.

Watch it right now by clicking here !

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