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AZIZAA MYSTIK: New Album Vodua

Listen or order VODUA AZIZAA MYSTIK: Vodua Azizaa is not just a unique artist, her well crafted soul brewed music allows you to explore her Culture, mind and soul. International artist Azizaa’s music is a soulful blend of various genres. Her unique style of music puts...

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LA DAME BLANCHE : « Dos Caras EP » out now !

La Dame Blanche unveil her 4 titled EP « Dos Caras EP » ! With its explosive mix of hip hop, cumbia, dancehall, reggae, the singer, flutist and Cuban percussionist La Dame Blanche, delivers a powerful and irresistible sound, where the spirits invite themselves. Behind this character, inspired by legends from around the world, also present in the Cuban Santeria, is revealed Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, daughter of Jesus « Aguaje » Ramos, artistic director of the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club.

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MIDNIGHT RAVERS : Last tour dates with Supreme Talent Show !

Midnight Ravers continue de propager son « Mali-tronic » au delà de toutes frontières. La tournée « Sou Kono » 2017 s’achève sous une formule inédite à l’occasion du festival Africolor le 30 novembre, où le groupe jouera en compagnie du Supreme Talent Show de Bamako !

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HIGH TONE : « Remixed – Dub to Dub » out 07/11 !

For his 20th birthday, High Tone opened his repertoire to 12 artists of the new Dub Generation. The result « High Tone – Dub to Dub » offers 12 tracks of the band in Dub Remix version ! The compilation will be released for free download on ODGProd on November 7, 2017 !

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HIGH TONE : Exclusive mix for Trax Magazine !

High Tone has realised an exclusive mix for Trax Magazine ! This year, the crew celebrates its 20th birthday ! For the occasion, and after three long years of absence, French dub bosses are back on stage for the Telerama Dub Festival.

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